No exceptions

The Constitution plainly says all persons living in the United States shall be counted in the census. It does not say citizens any more than it says dogs, chairs or roses.

Linda Ross


Tribune missed it

I recently asked Mary Stone, city editor for the Lewiston Tribune, why I couldn’t find a report or any mention of the June 29 attack on Andrew Ngo by an Antifa mob in the Tribune.

Ngo, a reporter, was beaten and stoned on the streets of downtown Portland by masked, far-left Antifa thugs and then covered with milk shakes and plastic strings. He was so badly injured that he required treatment for a “brain bleed” and faces a long recovery.

All this occurred as the Portland police looked on, telling Ngo, reportedly a conservative, that they couldn’t intercede because it might cause an increase in violence by the Antifa group, which was armed with clubs, milkshakes mixed with concrete and rocks, eggs and other projectiles.

The attack was widely reported on cable news and in most of the major U.S. newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal.

Yet, incredibly, Stone confessed complete ignorance of the event.

Ignoring or intentionally deeming an event so significant and important (and close) to Tribune readers as not newsworthy surely qualifies as an attempt to manage or cover up news.

If the Tribune truly didn’t know about the event, shame on them. If they did and didn’t report it, their objectivity, professionalism and claim of bias-free reporting is clearly in question.

John Scott


Great shot

Another great photo by Pete Caster, the silhouette of a damselfly (not dragonfly).

Randal Donato


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