Hear for yourself

I'm a member of Lewiston First United Methodist Church - the church pastored by Chuck Cram. I'm neither blind nor am I surrounded by others who are blind or being blindly led by Cram.

In fact, I feel lucky and grateful that I attend and am part of a congregation that is led by a person of faith, but also of courage and with a belief in the world faith traditions.

A recent message offered to us was about the public wrestling over the ideas of what kinds of influence and to what extent God influences our world and our lives, and that God doesn't play favorites.

God does not do more or less for one than for another. He cited Romans 8:38-39, as an example of the width, depth and breadth of God's love for all of us. With that in mind, discrimination of any kind against anyone isn't a part of that scripture. And if that's the case, who are we mortals to behave otherwise?

I'm joyous, nurtured and happy to be able to listen to the messages put forward by Pastor Cram and the amazing, powerful, majestic music shared with us by our organist, Kris Haynal.

I invite you to join us each and every Sunday at 10:30 a.m., 1906 Broadview Drive, to hear for yourself the uplifting, thought-provoking, inclusive messages and scripture.

Liz Chavez


Like Trump, like Hitler

It's interesting to see President Donald Trump's supporters try to rewrite 78 years of history in an attempt to disassociate Trump's rise to power from that of Adolf Hitler.

Hitler won the 1933 German election with 43.9 percent of the vote, largely with the backing of the working class and Christian evangelicals reacting against the Communist Party.

The Nazi Party was originally "the workers' party." If you doubt that, look up the original names of the Nazi Party.

Christian churches and organizations aided the Nazis several ways, including in their retreat to South America. If you doubt that, see The Guardian's expose describing "ratlines" that German officers used to flee Europe.

Hitler's pledge to "Make Germany Great Again" was stated in several campaign speeches and even printed in American newspapers, including the St. Louis Star and Tribune.

Throughout his administration, Hitler "Put Germany first." That was the whole rationale behind the Munich Agreement, "allowing" him to annex Czechoslovakia. Hitler's actions after signing the Munich Agreement are testament to his dishonesty.

Hitler's hatred for all non-Aryan races is as well-documented as was his volatile temper. No less than 36 publications describe Hitler's paranoid delusions and hysterical outbursts. He was a habitual whiner who frequently berated his own officers and advisers.

It's common knowledge that anyone who failed to salute the Nazi flag was beat up by Hitler's Brownshirts.

The personal similarities between Trump and Hitler are truly astounding. And frightening.

Paul Oman


Restore good time

In 1986, Idaho had "good time served" for inmates who met criteria to qualify for it. Idaho discontinued this in 1986 and by June 1997, 300 inmates were sent to Louisiana. They returned to Idaho by November 1997.

In 2005, 302 were sent to Minnesota. In 2012, 800 inmates were shipped to Colorado. Now once again, Idaho is sending even more. One thousand will end up in the GEO Group-private prison system by August.

The worst part of this yo-yo mess is Idaho taxpayers will cover the bill, once again.

The bill for the two-year run will be more than $17 million.

Good for you, Texas and GEO investors.

In the United States, only nine out of 50 states do not have good time served. Forty-one states have seen the value in using it. By having good time served, they cleared out beds and saved millions of clothes.

In 2017, three more states began using good time served. They have saved millions and have opened beds for the states.

We need to bring back good time served. Only exemplary inmates are given good time days served every month. This is positive for the guards and prisons. This will also improve inmate behaviors and help reduce the overcrowding.

We need to get Idaho politicians to act on this immediately so we can stop the yo-yo process with the prison system.

Deb Greene-Grove


Trump's disgusting

About President Donald Trump's performance in Helsinki, former CIA Director John Brennan said: "Donald Trump's press conference performance in Helsinki rises to and exceeds the threshold of 'high crimes and misdemeanors.' It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump's comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin."

Sen. John McCain said Trump's behavior was "one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory."

Shouldn't all informed adults of the USA have similar feelings to those that Brennan and McCain had after they listened to Trump's speech in Helsinki?

I believe there is about 25 percent to 30 percent of his base that will find nothing wrong with what he said. They are what Robert Altemeyer referred to as "right-wing authoritarians."

These individuals will rigidly approve of Trump's behavior and words regardless of how he behaves and what he says.

While history shows that Vladimir Putin is no friend of the USA, if Trump says differently, his base will accept what he said.

I hope that Altemeyer's research doesn't apply to Trump's base. Time will tell.

Tom Fellows


Trump's a traitor

Having watched President Donald Trump's responses to reporters' direct questions of Russian President Vladimir Putin's interference in America's 2016 election and continued spying activity - it was a fiasco on TV - Trump's unequivocal and blatant disregard of American intelligence agencies and advisers' warnings of Russian activity verify his treason and his violation of his oath of office as president.

There is no doubt that traitor Trump has agreed with Putin regarding most positions, thus blatantly endangering America's security, intelligence agencies, patriotic employees and America's loyal allies (Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and three Baltic states, etc).

His words, tweets, actions, decisions and directives are all promoting decreased American security from foreign countries, which are acts of treason.

FOX TV's Chris Wallace has directly challenged and questioned traitor Trump regarding Russia's unquestionable, factual interference in U.S. elections, online internet hacking and spying.

The answers were disregarded, talked around and minimized, therefore still open to discussion.

No more B.S. The truth is the truth.

Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are contemptuous; there is no-spin on traitor Trump.

Fox's "outnumbered" has resolved the truth as such, finally.

Trump's actions, words and tweets to the world agreeing with Russia's position, thus disagreeing with America's intelligence agencies, are traitorous.

Republican members of Congress and the Senate must pursue removal of traitor Trump for America's future.

Ron Lamb


Save the country

Attention all patriots: Within 30 hours, we have witnessed the president of the United States disregard all that we stand for without a clear articulation of his reasons.

I'm nearly 70 years of age and have witnessed many inequities but never a person vying for the presidency with as little regard as the person presently holding the office. We must all put party aside and begin to realize our democracy that we have fought for more than 200 years is about to be hijacked by those who wish to destroy us.

I can not believe what we are doing to the generations that don't have a voice. Please pay attention and save our country for our grandchildren or, in my case, great-grandchildren.

Gloria Haegelin


Still trying

I would like to thank Mia Lyn Rognstad for her very gracious donation in response to my letter regarding my attempts to bring attention to my dire need for funds to go to Good Samaritan Rehabilitation in Coeur d'Alene.

It was a great surprise that even one person stepped up to help.

Now I'm only $2,400 away from my $2,500 goal. I have been accepted and have a "bed date" for Sept. 3 if I'm able to secure the funding.

I would like to put out a request to all of our local churches and organizations that assist with some type of community support to possibly help out a desperate man in dire need of help to change his life.

Any and all donations can be sent to my attorney, Rick Cuddihy, at 17th St., Lewiston, ID 83501 or (208) 746-0103.

Its never too late to show some compassion for one of our fellow citizens that ready to change.

Michael East


Who cares about Trump?

Our nation is so corrupt that I'm thinking about moving to London.


Because all anybody and the media ever want to talk about these days are President Donald Trump, people getting shot, politics, etc., or, as I liked to call this, "first world problems." Literally, where's the love and the goodness in our lives these days?

Because of all of this, we missed out on some important stuff in our history.


Because all that everybody is doing these days are just being on their phones, checking Facebook and Messenger, and focusing on topics like Trump. What happened to the good times where everyone was having fun talking about their day and enjoying life?

I obviously believe that people need to get out more and enjoy life without being glued to their phones and focusing on Trump and politics.

Because really, no offense, but who really cares about the Trump administration or politics. We are way better, America.

Sean Green


Saved by a chip

I just watched the ad about the ASPCA support. I moved up here from Oregon in 2007 with three cats to a mobile home in Clarkston Heights.

My cats could come and go as they wanted with cat doors in my mobile home.

A neighbor didn't like cats, and went to the humane society and got a trap. I didn't know.

I found out later he had trapped one of my cats. A neighbor told me he had dumped the cat.

That was in 2007.

My sons had kept my home phone number in Oregon. That is where I had the cat spayed and a chip in her neck.

Well two months ago, I received a call from my granddaughter in Oregon that the Humane Society in Lewiston had my cat.

She was found dying in a field on Dustan Loop by a concerned citizen.

With much love and care, she is doing well, thanks to a chip put in at Oregon.

Bobbie Stickney


Why wait?

When I taught undergraduate organic chemistry at Washington State University, late in the semester the students had enough information to understand the chemical diagrams of the bases in the genetic code and how the base pairs fit shapes and partial electric charges together.

Because it is fascinating and important science, I customarily included this information in a lecture and included a brief description of how it relates to genetic mutations, why mutations inevitably occur and why evolution is an unavoidable consequence.

Once (only once), a worried student came to my office after class, wondering how he could relate to his family knowing what he realized was true but his fundamentalist religious relatives would not accept. All I could think to say was that he should consider the size of the universe discovered by modern science and try to imagine a larger and greater God to match. He seemed to like that idea.

I would like to add that the evolution of humans was not guided by our sharp-pointed teeth and claws or great strength. We aren't bears or lions. What worked for people was cooperation. We help each other.

We want to help other people and get satisfaction from doing so. Our big brains and ability to communicate using human language give us the greatest ability to cooperate of any species on the planet.

Religions encourage us to help other people. But when you can help someone, you will immediately feel good about having done so. There is no need to wait for some reward in a nebulous afterlife for which we have no credible real evidence.

Don Matteson


Airport choice suspect

The Lewiston City Council sat on its applicant pool for the Lewiston Airport Authority for several weeks, doing nothing, and then urgently brought together three councilors for the first batch of interviews. It added one more councilor the next day.

Why wasn't the full council involved?

The outcome - neither of the city appointees knows a runway from a taxi way.

This is a working board, totally different from a school board or bank board.

Further, I called to see if the interview process would be open to the public and was told "No."

Why were city employees who had nothing to do with the airport allowed to attend?

I wonder who in his right mind would fire the airport bookkeeper, saying she wasn't a "good fit," even though she had been there since the board was formed nearly eight years ago. When it was time to do payroll or prepare badges, no one knew how.

Does it make sense to fire a key employee without thinking ahead?

By the way, Nez Perce County commissioners selected excellent board members, but can't move ahead due to lack of cooperation from the city appointees.

The new fifth member? I sat through all the interviews and the selection was suspect. Time will tell but the prospects look dim.

Meanwhile the valley will lose an airline. Thanks to six business leaders, county and city officials took the initiative to visit SkyWest, (minus the airport manager) that resulted in four flights being added weekly.

What's happening now? Not much.

DeAnn Scrabeck


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