AP style change specious

What won’t solve race relations in America is the new Associated Press policy (explained by Tribune Managing Editor Craig Clohessy on July 17) to capitalize the word Black in news stories to give that group an elevated sense of identity. The change is specious, meaning “seemingly plausible or correct, but wrong.” It’s absurd and accomplishes nothing, another in a long list of virtue signals.

Virtue signals are actions or words to demonstrate the user’s elevated state of caring about something,

Those using the AP stylebook get to feel good that they have shown you Neanderthals they care more about Blacks than you do.

What useless pap (the Tribune will edit this letter so it conforms to this racist policy).

Falsely claiming your virtue eliminates your virtue. It’s similar to racist or racism, words now thrown around so freely they mean nothing. They just say, “I can’t think of any intelligent argument, so I’ll just throw you the worst insult I can think of.”

Capitalizing the word Black flies in the face of the argument that we should judge one another by the “content of our character rather than the color of our skin.”

I think Martin Luther King Jr. said something like that once, somewhere. But with history no longer being taught, maybe he said, “We’re gonna tear this (expletive deleted) system down, like maybe burning the (expletive deleted) buildings, or maybe I’m just talking rhetorically.”

Or maybe that was the New York leader of @Black Lives Matter. It’s all so confusing.

Rick Rogers


Violating your rights

Please urge your senators and member of Congress to intervene to stop the use of unmarked federal militarized police to attack and detain peaceful protesters in Portland and anywhere else in the United States.

This is blatantly unconstitutional. It is both a gross violation of states’ rights under the flimsy pretense of defending federal property and, even more importantly, a mass violation of the civil rights of American citizens peacefully and lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech, assembly and protest.

These violent attacks on American citizens are apparently being done by highly partisan Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs militarized police, with the actual substance of the protests — Black Lives Matter and police killings of unarmed Black men and women — clearly not to the liking of President Donald Trump or his uniformed, heavily armed and violent supporters.

As 53-year-old Navy veteran Christopher David reminded the federal police in Portland, who then proceeded to beat and pepper-spray him — breaking two bones in the process — “You take the oath to the Constitution; you don’t take the oath to a particular person.”

This applies to federal employees who wear badges and carry weapons. It also applies to office-holders, including elected officials.

Chris Norden


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