Setting the example

I respect the difficult decisions that our local high school and college athletic directors have had to make to keep the athletes safe in a pandemic. The health and safety of the athletes should be the top priority.

Let’s take a look at the sporting world. In recent testing in the NBA, zero out of 350 players tested positive. A very small percentage of the NFL and Major League Baseball tested positive.

The reason these leagues are able to do this is that they are focused on working together to achieve a common goal, unlike our politicians who just seem to want to argue and accomplish very little.

One other example is that out of 100 athletes, the University of Oklahoma had one athlete test positive for coronavirus.

Granted, our local high schools and colleges may not have the financial resources of the pro sports teams and power five colleges, but I am 100 percent confident they will follow simple health and safety protocols to keep their athletes safe.

Wearing a mask should not be a political issue. I hope with sports coming back in the next two weeks, the politicians will sit in front of their televisions and notice how the sports leagues are being successful in fighting the coronavirus.

One more thing: Go Lakers, Mariners and Seahawks.

Tony Bell


Don’t defund police

I’m laughing at the notion of social workers working with law enforcement to de-escalate crisis calls, especially if it’s a social worker from this valley. The majority of social workers I’ve come in contact with (Lewiston family and children service) are overweight. One was so winded after making it up the stairs of the courthouse, she had to stop at the top just to catch her breath before we could even meet. During home visits, my family questioned if she would be able to get out of the chair she had sat in after taking her shoes off and putting her feet on our furniture. I bet this person couldn’t run a mile if a suspect was chasing her.

There is funding for narcotics officers, undercover operations, etc. Don’t defund police departments. Set aside funding to train police officers to better serve the mentally ill populations who are part of crisis calls. ...

Jackson Latke


Democracy to dictatorship

And so it begins. Now President Donald Trump has stated in an interview he hasn’t decided yet whether he will accept the results of the 2020 presidential election. Of course, this all flows from his concern, with the polls the way they are, that he will lose. The simple fact is that this guy’s ego is so enormous he just can not deal with the idea of losing.

The only good news on this score is that ranking members of the U.S. military are giving signs that, if Trump decides to try a coup and orders the military to keep him in office, they will not do so. That is a good thing because the U.S. does not need a tin pot dictator.

I don’t have a crystal ball, so have no way of knowing how the election will turn out. For sure, Trump has his hardcore cadre of people who will support him no matter what he does — whether fair or foul. The fact is that the rest of us need to be alert and, if Trump loses the election and tries to defy the results by trying to bring the military into it, then the citizens of this country need to rise up and get rid of him.

It is a very short step from democracy to dictatorship if the citizenry supinely accepts the actions of the dictator.

Danny Radakovich


Shared sacrifice

Thank you, Ann Billington, for putting into words something I have also been thinking about.

Too many Americans have forgotten about our responsibilities toward civic duty, the cornerstone of our democratic republic. Simply put, that means the ability and desire to set aside one’s wants and give precedence to the country’s urgent needs.

Your list of sacrifices made by Americans is impressive. May I add some more?

Not only did families willingly accept rationing, but shared and traded with others.

They grew “victory” gardens and shared the produce with family, friends and neighbors.

The women worked in factories building planes while their fathers, brothers and sons went into battle.

Women trained as pilots delivering newly built aircraft to their assigned airfields.

No wonder you all are proud members of the Greatest Generation.

On behalf of a grateful country, thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Patrice Yeatter


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