Encouraging news

Coronavirus spikes are all around us. Rules and regulations are being increased once again. Improvement phases are being scaled back in some areas.

News sources are filled with articles about the increased numbers and new records of affected people are published almost daily.

But wait a minute.

Searching carefully all last week in the Lewiston Tribune, no up-to-date death-to-confirmed case ratios did I see.

Maybe they were there and somehow were overlooked.

Of course, we expected to see more cases reported. Big celebrations during the Fourth of July and the Black Lives Matter rallies brought people out in big numbers, many ignoring social distancing.

For six weeks, I have been using Tribune figures to determine the death-to-confirmed case ratios and am finding out that they are going down. ...

Using July 15 stats found on the front page of the Tribune, the current ratios are the lowest yet, and stand as follows:

l Idaho — 0.8 percent, which, of course, is less than 1 percent. The actual math answer is .008789. Do your own math to confirm.

l  And the U.S.? It’s at the lowest in weeks. The total is down every week in past weeks to 4 percent. Computed number is .0403.

Hmmm. Contact numbers are up? No surprise.

Death ratio is down.

Why not report that to:

1) Calm the increased panic.

2) Maybe rethink the need to get things more back to normal than less.

What do you think?

Jake Wren


Heed Will’s advice

George Will, the venerable columnist and longtime Republican Party stalwart, canceled his membership in the GOP after realizing it had degenerated into nothing more than a bunch of sad, sybaritic Donald Trump sycophants eager to bark and roll over for their master’s every nefarious whim and fancy.

Will recently wrote Mr. Bozo has “thrown the nation into a downward spiral, and the worst is yet to come.”

In April 1970, President Richard Nixon said failure in Vietnam would make the U.S. appear to the world as a “pitiful, helpless giant.” A half-century later, for the first time in its history, America is pitied, says Will.

He says we are viewed with such disdainful condescension in large part because of our totally incompetent bungling of the coronavirus pandemic, as shown all too clearly by recent figures: Germany, population 80.2 million, recently had 159 new cases while Florida, population 21.5 million had 15,300 new cases.

Will says the condescension also is directed at this nation’s floundering government being administered by a gangster regime under the most corrupt, frivolous person ever to hold any nation’s highest office. ...

Will says it was helpful Trump made this so obvious ... by commuting the sentence of B-grade fugitive from a mobster movie Roger Stone, out of supreme gratitude for Stone’s lying and covering up for his criminal boss during his trial.

Will says it is imperative to separate Trump from the presidency in November, allowing him full freedom to continue his downward spiral alone. ...

Mike Epstein


Too noisy

Supposedly we were to have fireworks only on the Fourth of July this year. That sure didn’t happen. Up here in the Clarkston Heights, they started on the afternoon of July 3 and lasted until 1 a.m.

On the Fourth, it started way before dark and went on till 2:30 a.m.

Then on July 5, it went until midnight or so.

And what happened to “If it blows up or goes up, it’s illegal”?

Our windows were literally shaking from what sounded like cannons going off all over our neighborhood.

The noise, the pollution and the litter are just not worth it, not to mention all the sleep people lose and the shock this causes to people’s pets.

If it is illegal to shoot things off that go up or blow up, why are they even being sold?

People who buy out of the area and then illegally shoot them off here should be dealt with.

There should be enforceable fines.

To pay for extra patrols and enforcement, simply start ticketing and financially penalizing the hundreds of people still using cellphones as they drive. The speeding in this valley is off the charts as well. The revenue we could generate by strongly enforcing these laws could do wonders for our police and sheriff’s departments, making the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley a safer and quieter place to live.

Slim DeWitt


What’s the alternative?

OK, Joan Van Horn, Jim Roach and Paul Oman, we’ve heard time and time again how you dislike President Donald Trump. How about you tell us what it is you like about the Democratic alternatives?

What major accomplishments have been brought about by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, etc., in the almost four years since Trump was elected, other than trying to undo what the voting populace selected?

What would Hillary Clinton have done better in regard to the economy, foreign trade and military victories? It’s just a suggestion. We are all eager for a good laugh.

Robert Mason


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