Vote out the extremists

... In a country based on representative government, those elected to represent the people cannot logically be those who represent some small but vocal group. But in Idaho we have the illogical habit of electing to the Statehouse those who have an ax to grind or an ideology to pursue that does not represent the majority. And it has attracted other outliers who have seen it gain traction in this state.

Next election, we need to fix that.

I have lived in Idaho for nearly a half-century, and I do not believe most of us think the government is our enemy. Most believe in a safe separation of church and state, in tax dollars spent wisely, in supporting schools and infrastructure and in getting vaccinated for the public good. Most do not buy into paranoid conspiracies.

Yet, too often we elect politicians who take advantage of our busy lives and sneak into the gap between common sense and our lack of attention to politics. When in power, they do things like send back needed federal dollars for preschools based on some fringe ideology or undermine the governor when he tries to follow federal health guidelines.

Because so many of us are busy working and living our personal lives, we have either not voted or not voted wisely and allowed loud outliers into power. Please pay attention next election. Do not vote for those who take advantage of the “weirdo gap” that has allowed extremists to become leaders in this state.

Mike Ruskovich