Defeating COVID-19

In my July 12 letter on the great success of some Asian countries in defeating COVID-19, I did not have space to mention Vietnam and the Indian state of Kerala. But I still included their 133 million people among the 222 million that I used to compare to U.S. virus deaths.

Vietnam, an economic tiger with 97 million people, leads the world in one significant statistic: virus tests per confirmed cases — leading the U.S. by a factor of 10. This public health achievement has resulted in the astounding fact that Vietnam, right on China’s doorstep, has reported no COVID-19 deaths.

Some say that Vietnam’s communist government must have cheated, but Oxford’s public health expert, Guy Thwaits, insists: “I go to the wards. I know the cases. I know there has been no death.” With regard to virus death deception, it is some of our Southern states that are the culprits.

With 36 million people, Kerala has the best education system in India (95 percent literacy) and its health care system is the best in the Third World. Its superb public health service has limited coronavirus deaths to 43.

Adding the death toll from these two nations to Asia’s other COVID-19 champions — Singapore (27), Hong Kong (14), Taiwan (7) and South Korea (297) — for a dense population of 222 million, the U.S. proportion of deaths, following East Asian protocols, could have been 580 rather than 143,000.

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Nick Gier


It’s just a mask

Rick Rogers, I am sorry to inform you that there is a statute that gives the police the authority to force businesses and the public to follow all aspects of the governor’s orders during a declared emergency. ...

I have health conditions that put me at high risk if infected with COVID-19. My youngest son has cystic fibrosis and would definitely be at risk of death if he caught COVID-19. Further, the Revised Code of Washington states: “Any person willfully violating any provision of an order issued by the governor is guilty of a gross misdemeanor.”

So please, just wear a mask and get through this, not for me or yourself but for the sake of the children at higher risk like my son.

Hopefully parents try to keep children who are too young to keep a mask on at home and not take them to public places where social distancing is hard to manage.

If everyone else wears their masks, the likelihood is decreased that anyone else would get infected. ...

It is just a mask. It could potentially save your life or that of someone else.

If I can manage the Army for seven years in active duty and three in the reserves, I think you can manage wearing a mask for a couple of months.

Jason Waits


Not so hot

The Lewiston Tribune’s weather section needs to improve. Without exception, the “Around the Region” temperatures for the previous day are not even close — at least for Grangeville. On Wednesday, it showed Tuesday’s high in Grangeville was 101 degrees.

It actually reached the mid-80s.

Dick Artley


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