Just an accident?

Was it sloppy lab work over there in Wuhan province of China or was it deliberately spread to the whole world by a seeming accident?

About 2.14 percent of that population is Islamists. Some of these are terrorists. They are indistinguishable from any of the other Chinese.

Were some of these working in that lab?

The Ottoman Empire got stalled in the sixth century but they were taking over the world one nation at a time . What better way of taking over the world then to let a bug — the coronavirus — fight their world war. Their Quran says don’t convert the infidels, kill them.

Is this what’s going on? Who knows?

The Chinese and all other investigators may get to the truth. Let’s hope it was just simply an accident.

Also, in my opinion, the masks spread more diseases than they prevent.

Ben Seubert


Majority wear masks

We live streamed the recent Lewiston City Council meeting and were surprised at the vocal group opposed to the proposed mask requirement. We do not believe they represent the majority of area residents.

Many of us would have liked to attend the meeting. But we knew that if we did, we were putting our health at risk.

From what we could view from the live stream, only councilors were social distancing. We did not show up because we respect science and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mingling in a closed room with individuals who were unmasked is an invitation to be infected with COVID-19. We also never saw either the podium or the microphone sanitized between speakers, which, again, is a recipe for spreading infectious diseases.

Protecting our citizenry from COVID-19 is not about politics; it is about the health of our communities. It is not about freedom; it is about respecting ourselves and others as we navigate through this pandemic. The best way to do this is to make sound decisions based on current science and medical protocols. Yet, we did not see one medical professional testify. They know better than to expose themselves to large unmasked groups.

We respectfully request the city of Lewiston disregard political bias in making its decisions and stick to the public health facts.

Understand that we in the masked majority do not, and will not, shop and/or spend money at any unmasked place of business. We hope that does not include Lewiston.

Heather Stout


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