Unite against common foe

This is how I feel about what we need to do as a country to fight this virus.

To start with, we as a country must come together, and it starts with the governors and mayors of the United States of America to come together as a people in order to fight this virus.

Because if we don’t, then all it is going to do is go on and on.

If we do not wear masks — and that means all of us — I feel it is not going to get better, but worse.

I also feel that if people don’t wear a mask, they are taking my life and your life in their hands. To me, that should be against the law. They should be put in jail or put somewhere where we will be safe. That way we will all benefit.

There is a lot that could be done to make it better. You can have the police give out tickets to those who don’t wear a mask. That would be a start.

Now it’s time for us not to worry about anything except this virus.

Things will get better with time. If we will come together, things will work out.

Billy O’Blake


Looking the other way?

Are crime rates down in Nez Perce County or are police officers looking the other way? I reported suspicious activity to a deputy at the Nez Perce County Sheriff‘s Office and although this person was later arrested and was connected to this crime, there was nothing showing my information had been provided when I came forward on the case.

I’m not one to name drop, but this deputy knows who he is.

Taxpayer dollars should go to officers who want to uphold the law, not just receive a paycheck. I have great respect for law enforcement but not this one, and I don’t support him holding a supervisor position, either.

Darrell McFardin


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