Wear the mask

Apparently those individuals following President Donald Trump’s ideology that there is no pandemic believe the nationwide resurgence of spiking infections and deaths is totally a result of increased testing.

I think you need a serious historical review of what a pandemic is and what it does to a country and the world in which we live. Besides the health toll on our families, friends and citizens, there’s an economic implosion on businesses, both national and local, that drives our economy toward the brink of disaster. If there are no customers able to shop, there is no economy. It’s not rocket science here, plain and simple. Even the so-called business guy called the president of the United States should know that.

Many states believed his tweets and opened fast and early. They are now reaping the fallout from increased health care costs. First responders like nurses, fire, police and hospital facilities are bearing the brunt and being pushed to exhaustion. Where do you think our country will be without them?

I don’t like the new norm either. I miss the luxury of going to stores, restaurants and bars without looking like I’m about to do something bad. But until the pandemic is under real control, we have to make the effort to limit the spread of virus to others — our friends, neighbors and citizens. Businesses can only do their part, so you do yours. Wear the damned mask in public places — or stay the hell home and call for home delivery.

Mike Petrusky


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