Waste of money

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson has proposed a plan to remove four hydroelectric dams on the lower Snake River in the Northwest. It would cost taxpayers “at least” $33.5 billion to breach these dams. There is no guarantee from anyone that doing so would save the salmon runs.

I personally think this is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard of.

Those dams were built with millions of taxpayers’ dollars. Taxpayers were promised economical power for years from them. We all know that it would end up costing a lot more than $33.5 billion to tear them down (it’s a government job).

I do not want my taxpayer dollars spent breaching these four perfectly functioning dams. I want my taxpayer dollars spent on building the new infrastructure our country so desperately needs.

How many children have fallen behind in school during the pandemic because broadband was not available to their area? How many people want to pay more money for their electricity each month? And let’s not forget that millions of jobs have been created because of these dams. What happens to those jobs?

If Simpson wants to breach the dams, he needs to get out his checkbook and pay for it himself. My tax dollars are going to be used for the future needs of our country — roads, bridges, schools, education, broadband, etc.

It’s really easy for Congress to spend taxpayers’ money. It’s more difficult when they have to pay for it themselves.

Joan Vanhorn