Fire information available

For the people wanting up-to-date fire information, there is a website that is usually updated every morning.

Go to It is usually updated between 8 and 9 a.m.

Sharol Ward


Miserable in Clarkston

Conveniently located at 838 Fifth St. in Clarkston, I recently endured the incredible experience of something that is a far cry from a bed and breakfast.

I believe it was built in 1958. The only remodeling I could notice would be blue paint from years ago.

There is warm shower water for instant coffee and water from the sink on the back of the toilet, which reeks of sewage.

Freezing temperatures, with a lack of blankets, only exacerbates your already miserable condition.

Lack of towels leads to unsanitary conditions.

Women sleep on the floor of our dining area. I use that term loosely.

Women with mental health needs ... were denied their medication. Yet, a sex offender was quickly released due to his physical health issues.

Come on, Asotin County, you can do better than this.

Public pretenders who never show up to see their clients, how about you do your job for once?

The food? Lord have mercy. I wouldn’t feed that to my dog — that is, if I had a dog.

Some of our “wait staff” — I mean deputies — were very nice. But there is a bit of a high turnover.

Things need to change.

Change can and should begin today. There’s no need to wait for the building of a new jail to see people cared for in a more humane way.

Why was I there?

Attempting to stand up for my rights to a judge who has been violating them consistently since March of 2017.

Kathryn Rose Warriner


Do your part

Yesterday, I witnessed a convoy of firefighting vehicles from all over our state who have mobilized to fight an extreme danger that could kill us and ravage our land.

I had such a feeling of pride and thankfulness in seeing we could all come together. Those fighting the fires do not care about being Democrat or Republican or anyone else; their goal is to save us, a community, a state and a country.

The heroic fight against the fires made me think of the disease that continues to ravage our country. COVID-19 is killing us, and we all need to come together to fight it. Just as the firefighters have their leaders, we have ours to tell us what we need to do to protect ourselves. In the midst of fighting a fire, no firefighter refuses to help because he has a problem with being told what to do or a personal, political or religious belief.

He accepts the leaders’ knowledge to do what’s needed to be safe and stop the spread of the fire.

We have a deadly disease, yet many refuse to listen to leaders and do what is needed to protect themselves and us by getting a shot in their arm to prevent deaths.

We need to learn from our firefighters. We need to work together and do what needs to be done to protect all of us. Please get the COVID-19 vaccine. Think of it as your part in putting out a raging fire.

Pat Bates


Root for Atkin

While we are cheering on our American athletes in the Olympics, let’s also make sure to cheer on Sam Atkin, a Lewis-Clark State College graduate, running the 10,000 meters for England

Tony Bell