Blind-sided again

The end of the week after the June meeting of Clearwater County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, Sheriff Chris Goetz pulled off another blind side. Without warning, a deputy delivered this letter:

“To Fred Allen. Effective immediately you are no longer a member of the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue. You are hereby directed to give any items belonging to Clearwater County, including but not limited to: shirts, hats, radio and identification card, to the deputy serving this letter to you. You are not authorized to be present in any of the private offices of any Clearwater County facility, which are not accessible to any other member of the general public, without express written permission from me or the official in control of such facility. (Signed) Chris Goetz, sheriff.”

Goetz did not use my legal name, Frederick Allen. He did not use the correct name of the organization. There is no “office” in the organization’s name. He listed items purchased by and belonging to search and rescue, and not Clearwater County. He tried to dictate policy to other facilities in the county.

By his terms, if a judge wanted to invite me into his chambers, the judge would have had to write me a permission slip. ...

Here’s another example of Goetz not paying attention to details and acting more like a dictator than a sheriff.

A search and rescue member since 1980 who served 20 years as an officer lacked even the courage or decency to confront me himself.

Frederick Allen


Back in the day

Thank you for the photograph of former art professor Don Joslyn. It brings back many memories of a wonderful era. Joslyn came to Lewis-Clark State College (then known as Lewis-Clark Normal) in 1968, the same time I was hired by the history department. Don and I soon became best friends and helped begin the “gang of five.” This group consisted of Robert Almquist (art), Brian Sprague (English), John A. K. Barker (speech and drama) and myself (history).

Our organization had no official political form. Only a dedication to education and good times describes our group best.

We were all in our 20s. Sprague later joined the art department and helped launch what our group labelled “the Snake River School of Art.”

Those were the days, my friends.

Steven R. Evans


Trump uber alles

Wearing his stamp of impeachment like some ignominious medal of dishonor, the befuddled muddleheaded miscreant merry monarch has ever greater and more ignobly feculent schemes for extracting signs of absolute unconditional loyalty from his cerebrally challenged minions. Firstly, the Trumptpublicans and the Trumptykin White House shall have two brand new shibboleths: “In Trump We Trust,” and “Trump uber alles,” both of which shall be ensconced not only in the new presidential seal but also in all currency coming out of government mints going forward, both coinage and paper.

It goes without saying that the nefarious gnome’s unholy visage in full unliving color will be assaulting us whenever we make even the smallest of cash transactions going forward.

All of President Donald Trump’s apostles and acolytes will be required to swear an oath of allegiance to the grand canned wizard at such time that they have their bodies adorned — per wizardly edict — with tattoos of the shibboleths on one or more of seven designated tat sites: forehead, palm and back of hands, butt cheeks.

Mr. Bozo also wanted to use the phrase “Ask not what your leader can do for you,” but it was overruled as an all too overly obvious non-sequitor. But isn’t that about all this gizzardly wizard is anyway, a dangerous, toxic, non-sequitorial nuttin burger, heavy on the nuttin?

Marco Munez


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