Saving the spuds

If only Idaho’s famous potatoes needed to fulfill their life cycle by successful migration to and from the Pacific Ocean via clean, natural free-flowing waterways, would the Idaho Legislature and governor demand resolution and action to ensure the survival of the famous tuber?

And would they stop the year over year decline of this state’s iconic species?

Their collective voice would be loud and strong for the communities and culture depending upon the viable continuation of and successful propagation of the Idaho famous potato. If only.

Dan Anduiza


Five wise men

It was great to read in the Outdoors section about the letter that five former Idaho Fish and Game commissioners have sent to the current commission and the Fish and Game Department. Their letter asked that good science and a true concern for wildlife, fish especially, should drive decisions. These are all smart, wise and respected men, and we need to listen to them.

But it’s sad that there was an urgent need for their letter and the action that they are seeking.

Several years ago, former Gov. Dirk Kempthorne worked tirelessly in the Statehouse to demolish both the commission and the department — and he succeeded.

Ever since, many and probably most major fish and wildlife decisions have been driven by sleazy politics instead of good science.

No governor in the years since has managed to undo the destruction, and so we are now at a point where five wise men need to beg our state government to practice good science and defend God’s great gifts to us in nature.

Let’s hope that someone at the top listens to them. But this is Idaho, so don’t bet on it.

Dennis Baird


Patients have alternatives

I really wish St. Joseph Regional Medical Center would do its negotiating at the bargaining table and not with ads in the paper.

It doesn’t seem to understand that the 15,000 people insured by Regence BlueShield do have other options and that SJRMC is not the only show in town or region.

The options may not be as convenient as St. Joe’s because it may mean driving to hospitals in Moscow or Pullman, but they are still very viable options.

David Porter


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