No limit to gun rights

The Communistic libtards are at it again and we must stand up to protect our God-given rights to indiscriminately own and shoot as many firearms as humanly possible.

The gun owners of Virginia have it right. They marched on their Capitol, guns in hand, to protest universal background checks, laws to limit how many guns can be bought at a single time and the ability of local governments to create their own gun laws.

This is unconstitutional.

This is shocking.

The Constitution specifically says that “We the People” can own multiple, high-powered, high-capacity military-grade guns and use them however we please.

And if it doesn’t say that, it should.

There has been no greater attack on our personal liberties since the feds mandated we use seat belts.

So, grab your guns and let’s march on city hall to show those fascists that we will not stand for so-called “common sense” laws abridging our rights to love our guns more than our children.

John Murray


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