Make America great again

Abel Workman in his Dec. 29 letter said: “Let’s get off the Democrat and Republican thing and just vote as independent thinkers. Then America will be great again.”

I think it’s worth repeating.

We have a God-given conscience, so let’s use it at the polls.

This idea that all Democrats and Republicans have to vote along certain party lines has split this country down the middle. We are Americans first.

Are these politicians working for us or themselves? Let’s hope and pray they vote their conscience and make America great again.

Darlene Plant


Headed toward destruction

America is no longer “one nation under God.”

It is a corrupt nation with evil running rampant within its borders.

One of the hallmarks of a person or nation that is on the pathway to destruction is that “God is in none of his or her thoughts.” When a nation becomes totally secular and outlaws God from its schools, businesses and politics, it is on the slippery slope of judgment.

Drive-by and random shootings, rapes, white-collar crime and political corruption occur because God is no longer in the thoughts of people.

The wicked say in their hearts that God will not hold them accountable for their actions. Yet, they are deceived.

Evil and wicked people, whether they are out to kill innocent people, are powerful business people involved in white-collar crime or crooked and lying politicians, are going to have heavy dues to pay come Judgment Day.

Lanna Hammond


Losing liberty

As the unmitigated hatred displayed by those infected with Trump Derangement syndrome rages on, my curiosity leads me to wonder why people would be so easily blinded and willing to surrender liberty.

The elite ruling class of the progressive left and loyalist right has encumbered the people with an agenda-driven dogma, accomplished with indoctrinated oppression.

They have implemented a system of government far removed from the Constitution and no longer working on behalf of the people. They have burdened the people with needless federal bureaucracies with limitless regulations designed to steal the “irredeemable deplorables’ ” money and property.

Because of politicians such as Mitt Romney, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, this dogmatic agenda becomes all the supporters of the ruling class can see or hear.

Therefore, armed with misinformation, they vote for leaders who can only maneuver as narcissistic politicians and who are unable to instill aspirations devoted to love of country, much less liberty.

Kevin O. Thomason


Dams are irreplaceable

For anyone wishing to learn more about the lower Snake River dams, their impact on the economy and environment, I recommend that you go to or simply type in lower Snake River dams and do some serious reading before you make up your mind about dam removal.

There is a huge amount of valuable information put together by 10 federal agencies that have been working together for the recovery of salmon and steelhead within the entire Columbia Basin watershed.

The dams provide enough electricity for 800,000 homes. If you figure at a conservative cost of $1,000 per year for electricity, that comes out to $800 million.

Just that fact alone makes it very difficult to justify removing the dams. The power produced is carbon-free and would probably have to be replaced by gas-fired power plants.

The cost of breaching the dams would be between $1.3 billion and $2.6 billion.

Our dams include some of the most advanced and successful fish passage systems in the world. The dams are now on track to achieve a standard of a 96 percent average survival rate for spring chinook and steelhead migrating downstream and 93 percent for young summer migrating fish. Habitat is being renewed and protected on even the smallest of tributaries. There are 206 hatcheries within the system.

I would recommend that everyone with an interest in both fish recovery and the benefits of keeping this irreplaceable asset in place check out this website.

Patrick Wolf


Honoring Sacajawea

Sad is the only word that comes to my mind when reading that some may find Sacajawea Junior High School’s name offensive. I’m assuming the school was named to honor a 16-year-old woman who was a pivotal and invaluable member of the Corps of Discovery of 1803, and not in any way to perpetuate racism. Her contribution in helping to establishing cultural contacts between the Native Americans and the Lewis and Clark Expedition secured the much-needed horses for the crossing of the Rockies.

And viewing the school’s mascot, the Braves, as stereotyping, I counted no less than 122 synonyms and words relating to brave. The bottom line is perception.

Cathy Jenni


Defends Goetz

I am a current member of Clearwater County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue and a past president and treasurer.

I would like to communicate a different view of the organization than that communicated by nonmember Frederick Allen. ...

Before March 2016, search and rescue members developed very serious dysfunctional organizational behaviors. ...

For a time, the membership was allowed to try and correct these behaviors, but it took radical steps by Sheriff Chris Goetz to finally remedy the situation. ...

As part of the remedy, Goetz took over financial activities and completed a review of historical financial transactions to identify any improper transactions.

I became treasurer after Goetz and did a complete review of all transactions during his term as treasurer. I found complete alignment between expenditure approvals, expenditure documentation, written checks and financial reports. Goetz increased transparency of financial matters by allowing the membership to review all financial documentation. Allen also took issue with how helicopter services are acquired.

We have three primary sources for helicopter services during our search and rescue or recovery events. The incident commander of the individual incident is responsible for the acquisition of any needed helicopter services. To the best of my knowledge, Goetz has not been an incident commander in the last several years. ...

Each helicopter service has its own requirements for items such as flight time, weather and visibility, landing zone and specific functions. The helicopter service chosen ... is ... the service that can best meet those needs. ...

Robert Reineke


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