Why is name offensive?

Emily Wicks, thank you for your fine example of liberalism in today’s society. You suggest changing the name of Sacajawea Junior High School because it is offensive to the memory of Sacajawea.

And the new name would be Rapp Middle School. Your words here: “What a way to honor such dedication and drive.”

If it issuch an honor for Joy Rapp, why is it offensive to Sacajawea?

You can’t have it both ways because it then becomes racist. I have always thought that the athletes were proud to be called the Braves. It signified respect and strength, on and off the playing field

It was never meant to be disrespectful.

Ron Rose


Dams aren’t the problem

Another river with no dams has closed fishing due to poor returns from the ocean.

Predators and poor ocean conditions are the reasons fish are not returning.

Man is the worse predator with gill nets that kill all types of fish, not just steelhead and salmon. We need to remove gill nets from the rivers and oceans.

Natural predators that are protected need to be brought under control to save the fish.

Mother Nature’s rule of supply and demand doesn’t work when one side is allowed to populate beyond what the supply allows.

To save the fish, we need to work on ocean conditions and predator control.

When rivers with no dams have the same problem that rivers with dams have, common sense tells me dams are not the problem.

Abel Workman


Agrees with Wicks

I am an alumni of Sacajawea Junior High and a former employee. I think Emily Wicks has a good idea about changing the name to Rapp Middle School. It is good to honor Joy Rapp and also honor the request of Native Americans, who find the present name offensive.

When I went to school there, we were called the Sacajawea Savages. Thank God that finally got changed.

Nancy Rosch


Short suggestion

Impeach Nancy Pelosi.

Troy Herrin


Disputes Allen’s claims

The ramblings and petty complaints from Frederick Allen would lead one to believe that we are a disorganized and inept organization, which could not be further from the truth.

Through the support and leadership of our sheriff, Chris Goetz, the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue is one of the best-equipped and well-trained search and rescue organizations in the state of Idaho.

We have resources and specially trained teams that no other search and rescue organization in the state can compete with.

In this day and age when every organization struggles to find, train and keep volunteers, the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue is proud to be able to provide a level of commitment to our citizens, guests and visitors who live, work and play in Clearwater County and the surrounding counties we provide assistance to — all with volunteers.

This is only possible because of the support from our sheriff.

One would wonder: How often do you hear of a volunteer being fired, as Allen states he was?

What would one have to do to be removed from a volunteer organization?

Before passing judgment on one of the finest volunteer service organizations based on the ramblings of a disgruntled, fired volunteer, contact one of the active members and get “the rest of the story.”

Roger Burnham


Hurting America

As President Donald Trump’s trial started to get under way, the Democrats and some Republicans were demanding we start gathering more dirt, testimony and witnesses, fake or real.

What these folks want is to drag America through another three or more years of bogus dirt, making America appear weak, indefensible and vulnerable to all the other nations in the world, especially our worst enemies who envy, fear and hate us with absolute disdain. Isn’t this giving aid and comfort to the enemy?

All these folks who are trending us in that direction without a doubt are trying to keep something about themselves from emerging and making nasty headlines in the media.

They aren’t the sweet and innocent ones they would like us to believe they are. Under some circumstances, this kind of conduct might be called treason. Perhaps, here’s a more despicable example: how about 184 congressmen voting to apologize to Iran and Iraq for taking out Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, one of the most evil of our enemies? Isn’t that giving aid and comfort to the enemy?

Ben Seubert


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