Kids and COVID-19

We’re being told that hospitalizations of children due to COVID-19 is increasing. But no less than Anthony Fauci disputes this, saying the number we’re told is kids admitted with COVID-19, rather than because of COVID-19.

So why the push to vaccinate children?

The Dec. 30 Flashpoint plays a clip of Robert Kennedy Jr. responding to that question: “Now the emergency use authorization vaccines have liability protection under the PREP (Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness) Act and the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act, so as long as you take an emergency use you can’t sue them. Once they get it approved, now you can sue them, unless they can get it recommended for children. All vaccines officially recommended for children get liability protection even if an adult gets that vaccine. That’s why they’re going after kids. They know this is going to kill and injure a huge number of children. They need to do it for the liability protection.”

Recently, the “Face the Nation,” host asked CBS chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford what the most underreported story of 2021 was? Crawford immediately answered: “The crushing impact of our COVID policies on children.”

Crawford mentioned learning loss, increased risk of abuse and skyrocketing suicide among youth.

“With our knowledge and vaccines, if our policies don’t reflect a more measured and reasonable approach for our children they will be paying for our generation’s decisions the rest of their lives,” she said.

CBS censored that. What a surprise. It remains underreported.

Bruce Crossfield


Spreading COVID-19 lies

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert recently addressed the GOPer Nazi Fascists’ approach to the pandemic. Regarding the remote learning decisions in states due to COVID-19 surges and child care issues confronting parents, Colbert said: “I’m calling on the federal government to release our strategic reserve of mothers-in-law.”

Omicron is hitting Florida and Texas hard so their moronic fascist governors are begging the Biden administration for help while continuing to refuse vaccination and masking mandates: GOPer Nazi logic at its finest.

“Duh, gee. I had such a great time at the lovely Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection -coup soiree. What are all the libs bitchin’ about anyway.”

Colbert said omicron cases are stacking up so fast in Florida they need to start counting just those who are virus-free. So congratulations to Carl the alligator. “He’s the only one in Florida who will wear a mask and might be the only individual in Florida without COVID.”

Congratulations to the state’s surgeon general, Herr Doktor Joseph Goebbels Lapado, who wants “less testing” now that most Floridians have COVID-19 anyway.

It’s obvious the GOPer Nazis ... are focused only on all the forthcoming newborns they are going to slip into MAGA diapers and beanies after they’ve killed off most of the already born in the country.

Labado was termed the “COVID crank,” by the Orlando Sentinel. “COVID crank” is also the most popular drug in Florida, where, says Colbert, “even the meth has COVID.”

Brain dead GOPer Nazi Fascists keep on goosestepping, siegheiling and cranking.

Mike Epstein


Refuting Hassoldt

It is a delicious irony that Bob Hassoldt’s Jan. 2 challenge to defend President Joe Biden’s economic performance was answered on the very next page by Dana Milbank.

Adding to Milbank’s fact-filled column, I would like to bust the myth that Biden caused inflation by quoting from pro-capitalist Forbes magazine: “Without COVID, we would not be facing this ‘supply shock’ induced inflation.”

Claiming deficit spending causes inflation is not supported by the facts. For example, after the $1.9 trillion Cares (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act, inflation did not rise appreciably for the rest of the year. But it did give a boost to working class families and brought half of their children out of poverty.

The recently passed infrastructure bill will make thousands of new jobs available. Republicans should negotiate to revise the Build Back Better bill if they are serious about helping working families.

OPEC controls the oil supply and U.S. presidents have learned they have little control over gas prices. As one analyst explains: “Oil costs account for 43 percent the price of regular gasoline. The remaining 57 percent comes from distribution and marketing, refining and taxes.”

At $7.8 trillion, former President Donald Trump, with his huge tax cuts, gave us the third largest budget deficit of any president. At his term’s end it was 14.9 percent of gross domestic product.

Within 11 months, Biden has reduced that, according to The Economist, to 12.4 percent.

For more, read my column in the Idaho State Journal:

Nick Gier