Window on lunatic fringe

Rick Rogers’ final piece in the Lewiston Tribune was wonderfully Rogers.

For years, I always look first for an article or letter from Rogers. He is my window into the lunatic fringe on the extreme right. (Rick, please note my respect for language does not allow me to use the word conservative here; I have respect for true conservatives.)

I do not go into this world of extreme fantasies on social media. Rogers seems to faithfully give me the insights I desire to try to comprehend this world. Rogers, unfortunately, is not alone in his world of conspiratorial fantasies. Way too many of our citizenry share these anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-democracy and anti-government views.

The rest of us Americans need to know just what wild thoughts they are buying into.

Please re-consider dropping him as a columnist.

Ed Garretson


Waited too long

Too late, Cathy McMorris Rodgers. After the riot at the U.S. Capitol, you changed your mind and decided not to object to certifying President-elect Joe Biden as winner of the election.

We have it on record, however, that until that point you were willing to:

l Reinforce President Donald Trump’s self-serving fantasies about a rigged election.

l Subvert constitutional law.

l Embolden the very rioters who, as circumstances played out, changed your mind by method of mob terror.

This goes beyond jeers. Shame on you, congresswoman.

Guy Worthey


No place for intimidation

The harassment and intimidation of public officials as they do their work at their homes — or anywhere for that matter — will not be tolerated.

Also, we strongly denounce all forms of anti-Semitism.

We strongly support free speech and the right to peaceably assemble but political expression must be exercised civilly. There always has been and always will be disagreements on policies and political issues, but we should never resort to anything other than peaceably expressing our opinions and passionately debating the issues.

Jim Evans


Nez Perce County Republican Central Committeeman


Sharks are circling Trump

You can see the sharks closing in for the kill now that President Donald Trump is down and out. Chris Dahmen accuses Trump of being an elitist who never worked a day in his life. Dahmen encourages Trump supporters to abandon him.

Joan Vanhorn asks: Where in the outrage? She claims that the coronavirus is in fact the Trump virus, which is a Democratic talking point.

She claims that record numbers of people are dying each day from the Trump virus, yet the president refuses to provide adequate testing for the virus. She goes on to accuse Trump of not providing medical necessities to fight the pandemic.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Trump has done everything possible to fight this virus.

Vanhorn goes on to accuse Trump of enriching himself at the expense of the taxpayer. Trump takes no salary for his efforts nor does he enrich himself.

A recent article stated that Trump has lost about half of his wealth since he has been president.

An article that appeared at the same time as the Vanhorn letter stated that the Food and Drug Administration would get the vaccine right. Referring to Trump’s pressure to get the vaccine out, I would have fired the person who made such a statement right on the spot.

We do not need more studies. We need to stop this pandemic. People are dying. Vanhorn is right on that point. We need action now.

David Estes