Thanks Giddings for service

It was great to see Kathy Hedberg’s story on retiring Sheriff Doug Giddings on the front page. She captured his unapologetic style and attitude that Idaho County residents have come to know during his multiple terms.

His interpretation of the Constitution and laws coupled with disagreements with federal officials earned him both fierce criticism and high praise in certain circles. His bluntness in dealing with family members whose loved ones died or disappeared was renowned, viewed at times as either brutally honest or uncaring. Whether people love or hate the guy, it is hard not to have an opinion.

In an interview shortly after losing to challenger Doug Ulmer in a bruising fight in the Republican primary in May, Giddings was quoted as wishing Ulmer well. But at the end of Hedberg’s article, he couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Ulmer who will soon be sworn in as Idaho County’s sheriff. I give Giddings credit for admitting his clear defeat.

Maybe the president can take a page out of Giddings’ playbook and admit defeat as well. I thank Giddings for his many years of service to the citizens of the county and wish him an enjoyable retirement.

Incoming Sheriff Ulmer, who appears to differ from Giddings in both style and substance, has a challenging job ahead. I wish him the best as he takes on his new role.

Norma Staaf