Going nuclear

Idaho is being considered as the supreme state for nuclear energy development. The dangers of plutonium in development, waste and security control don’t seem to deter politicians’ intent on profits and productivity.

The people don’t have former Idaho Gov. Cecil Andrus any more to monitor and control this poisonous enterprise and the permanent, irreversible effects of it — or the growing lethal waste that is forever. Once nuclear energy is in, the thousands-of-years poisons created cannot be reversed.

Do Idahoans really want a horizon of massive chimneys with acid-white lights stuttering around them through their uncertain nights — let alone the police state required to protect it?

Cordell Caudron


Lock him up

It really bothers me that Michael Flynn, a general officer of the United States military, can lie to the FBI, which is a crime, and then walk away laughing. It is an embarrassing blot on our military. ...

Now Flynn is back to his old tricks, posing conspiracy theories and all sorts of bizarre nonsense. I have not seen a video of him actually calling for martial law, but there is talk on the internet that he is considering it as a strategy.

I wonder why people can’t see that someone like President Donald Trump and his enablers being willing to use martial law to stay in power is nothing more than creating a dictatorship.

It would be interesting to see what people would have said had President Bill Clinton proposed martial law to make Al Gore president. There is no point in having an election if people are not going to respect the result, even if they don’t like it. Literally hundreds of people in a position to know, including a fair number of Republicans, have said the election was fair and honest. If Trump had anything to go on, we would have seen it by now. Trump should hang it up and head back to New York to see if Cyrus Vance and/or Letitia James can hang some convictions on him and send him to prison where he belongs ... for at least five years so he will not trouble us in the next election cycle. ...

Danny Radakovich


Sheriff’s self-serving story

We want to address comments from Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings, who speculated in the Dec. 27 edition of the Lewiston Tribune about the reasons for the disappearance of our mother, Connie Johnson, in 2018.

He was allowed to promote a self-serving narrative that flies in the face of the preponderance of evidence. To suggest that she may have gone missing intentionally provides convenient cover for why the search was unsuccessful. For him to suggest that she sold off everything as part of a premeditated plan to end her life is reckless speculation. In fact, her landlord was selling the rural property she was renting so she downsized and moved to town. Many searchers concluded she ran into trouble amid severe weather in very challenging terrain. It can happen to even the most experienced backcountry person.

Our family understands that the vastness of the wilderness terrain can make finding a missing person nearly impossible. We are not interested in publicly critiquing the sheriff’s handling of the case. We are coming to peace with the loss of our mother.

What does not help are one-source stories that let an embattled law enforcement leader speculate, unchecked, about the personal tragedies that occurred on his watch. It is lazy journalism.

We hope with the arrival of a new sheriff, the good people of Idaho County will receive the compassionate and professional leadership they deserve.

Nicole Saylor

Washington, D.C.

Christy Calvin

Creston, Iowa

Beautify Idaho

The entrance to Lewiston from Clarkston by way of the blue bridge could be enhanced by removing the railroad items that are there, including the overhead railroad warning lights, the tracks and the rubber pads.

With those gone, the south concrete column could be relocated further to the south to provide for a better turning radius for trucks that are coming off the bridge.

Another suggestion to beautify the Lapwai, Culdesac and Orofino areas is to get the railroad in operation in those areas, instead of renting the tracks to park plat cars and ugly tank cars. I thought the railroad got a grant to rehabilitate the tracks from Pierce to Orofino. Idaho should not be a dumping ground for unwanted railroad cars, especially in the Clearwater corridor.

Ken McLaughin