Picking on Yenor

Effusive praise to editor Marty Trillhaase, who condemned, lambasted, excoriated and pilloried Scott Yenor in his Dec. 3 Jeers and Cheers. To emphasize that Yenor is worse than Adolf Hitler, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Donald Trump and China Joe Biden combined, Trillhaase enlisted his sidekick, Marc Johnson, to give Yenor additional scourging.

Why did Yenor deserve such punishment?

The Boise State University professor had the nerve to say that some of us are “… more medicated, meddlesome and quarrelsome” than is appropriate.

That statement alone put Yenor at odds with every lower-case godlike creature on the planet today. All the godlike tyrants the media quotes say we need more medication — not less. We peasants are ordered: “You will get vaccinated. You will drink the Kool-Aid. You will obey.”

“More medicated ... than we need to be”— piffle. How are Bill Gates, George Soros and pharmaceutical executives to maintain their standard of living?

A pox on Yenor.

Bridger Barnett