Not enforcing the law

Why does the Clarkston City Council make ordinances and laws if it doesn’t have the teeth to enforce them.

Question: When do you celebrate New Year’s?

I thought it was at midnight when the new year rolled in.

Question: Which is the holiday? New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day?

So why allow fireworks until then?

They make laws about parking on the street and pay a code officer to write warnings, giving violators 30 days to move.

So they move three feet and start all over again. What a waste of law and pay for extra personnel.

I believe if you have a law, you should have the means to enforce it.

That’s not what the City Hall or the police department do.

It’s what they don’t do.

Anyone wanting to organize to help the taxpayer, feel free to contact me.

So do you ever wonder how the levy money you vote for is spent?

If you knew, you would be amazed.

I reckon most of you citizens and taxpayers don’t care.

You will when government taxes you out of your home and takes away rights that have been fought for by our veterans.

Is anyone for cutting back government employees?

Jim Griffin


Cheers & Jeers were biased

I read the year-end edition of Cheers & Jeers.

I am so disappointed to see that your newspaper has become another propaganda arm for the Democratic establishment.

The bias is awful. As far as I am concerned, the only decent portion of your rag is the Friday Outdoors section.

I first read your paper in 1980 when I moved to Moscow to attend the University of Idaho.

In 1984, I graduated and served a 30-year career (to include 40 months in combat, both in Iraq and Afghanistan) in the U.S. Army.

During many trips back spending my leave with family, I read your paper. The last few years I have been more and more disgusted with your blatant bias. It’s so sad to see.

I only pray Idaho remains a free and dignified state in a constitutional republic. In my opinion, your newspaper does not stand for that and frankly endangers it with your biased opinion and editorial staff.

I firmly believe in a free press that is balanced and not biased.

You fail miserably.

Michael Swanson

(formerly of Moscow)

Leavenworth, Kan.