Just the facts

In the Dec. 15 Lewiston Tribune was another Lewiston City Council meeting article with the reporter’s (Joel Mills) opinion masquerading as news. He discredits people speaking to the council with whom he disagrees by inserting unneeded words (debunked) and information that supports his (and the Tribune’s) bias. Just report on what was said at the meeting. We readers can then choose who we want to believe.

Lucky Brandt


Do different rules apply?

What’s up with people playing sports and ignoring the face mask and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Without COVID-19, they should be able to do what they want and more power to them. Are sports players special and have their own set of rules? I don’t see masks or social distancing in the pictures in the Lewiston Tribune.

Maybe it’s OK if they don’t mask up or social distance. After all, do they really serve a purpose in society? They aren’t like a carpenter who builds something, a truck driver who delivers food to a grocery store, a clerk who sells you the food or even the box boy that stocks the shelf. They really don’t have a function in society. Heaven forbid if a sports player got the virus and succumbed. But maybe the intelligence of the human gene pool would then go up.

Jim McIver


Where’s the outrage?

On Dec. 10, the Trump virus (previously known as coronavirus) passed the number of Americans killed in combat during World War II. The U.S. fought in World War II for four years. It has been confirmed the first virus death occurred in early February. That means more Americans have died from the Trump virus in 11 months than died in World War II.

In the past few weeks, we have had days where more people died from the virus than died on 9/11. Our country was outraged when we were attacked on 9/11. Where is that outrage now that record numbers of Americans are dying every day from Trump’s virus? Where is that outrage when President Donald Trump refuses to provide adequate testing for the virus? Where is that outrage when Trump refuses to provide adequate personal protective equipment, masks and supplies for our doctors, nurses and emergency workers? Where is that outrage when Trump refuses to provide any kind of national plan to fight this virus?

These Americans didn’t have to die. They could have been saved if only Trump had done his job. But he has never done his job as president of the U.S. He just wanted to be president so he could make lots of money off the presidency. He has succeeded in doing that at the taxpayers’ expense. Millions of taxpayer’s dollars were spent at Trump’s businesses. Where is the outrage?

Joan Vanhorn