Changing times

We used to send our high school band to the presidential inauguration.

Now we send our National Guard.

Times have certainly changed.

Jim Kluss


Hug your opponent

In this hateful political climate, Congress could best stimulate all of us Americans by creating “Hug a Political Opponent Day.”

James Rockwell


On the job

Just wanted to give a big thank you to the road crews of Asotin County and the city of Clarkston. When the roads are icy, we can count on you to get the de-icer on the roads early and quickly. Thanks for all you do.

We appreciate it.

Janis Wallis


Paying too much

I don’t normally agree with Commissioner Brian Shinn or his two associates. So I don’t know why he would be concerned with the raises for the Clarkston department heads. I recall for years the county commissioners’ secretary was paid more than the auditor, treasurer, assessor and clerk.

Then they and the sheriff got a raise.

What does concern me is we on Social Security, who pay the wages of the government, got only a 1.3 percent raise. Woopie pee, I got another $25 on my check.

What does concern me is that for the last 18 years, I have had to pay garbage fees to the city and stormwater fees to someone who can’t show me where my run off affects anything. My fees on garbage fees keeps going up and I haven’t used the city garbage one time in the 18 years.

I can take twice as much to the landfill and pay half as much.

It seems the purpose of the government is to keep the taxpayer owing. Is this so they have control?

It’s really too bad more people don’t get involved in local politics.

Jim Griffin


Evidence of fraud

Marty Trillhaase told us on Nov. 12 there was “no evidence of fraud” with regard to the presidential election. Jim Fisher ... tells us the same thing in his Jan. 17 letter, by stating, “There is none.” This is totally inaccurate and therefore not true.

Factual written affidavits (evidence) by many (at least hundreds) of people (election workers) who under penalty of perjury have testified to what they have observed, have been required to do or have first-hand knowledge. Many claim to have witnessed incidents that would amount to fraud.

I have listened to interviews of numerous affiants. If what is contained in these affidavits is true, the issue becomes to what extent did the fraud, the unconstitutional or illegal election laws, rules, etc., influence the election. If it is determined these affiants committed perjury, they ought to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Several lawsuits have been filed, but courts, both trial and appellate, have been very reluctant to hear cases on the merits. Most have been dismissed on procedural grounds such as “lack of standing,” “latches” (not timely) or no justiciable issue.

It will be a sad day ... if there is no effort to determine if, in fact, there was wrongdoing on the part of election officials in the states in question or the affiants referenced above. If illegal conduct goes unpunished, there will be a very detrimental effect on one of our most cherished democratic processes, our free and fair elections.

Steve Rice



Since you’re providing Monday comics on Tuesday, will Monday always run both days?

Gerry Reviea