Trillhaase lacks character

The Tribune’s unctuous hitman, Marty Trillhaase, published a guest editorial attacking President Donald Trump on Jan. 2. “A glaring lack of character was Trump’s downfall,” it said.

Trump’s deficiencies are evident.

On Jan. 7, Trillhaase continued his assault as follows: “Before Wednesday, there were people in this country who were willing to delude themselves into thinking character does not matter in a president.”

Trillhaase had a point. Trump could have “... gone gently into that good night.”

On Jan. 8, Trillhaase displayed his own lack of character. In his Cheers and Jeers column, in which he scorns and mocks those he opposes, he mendaciously declared: “No election was stolen.”

His declaration shows that his lack of character blazes as brightly as does Trump’s and certifies Trillhaase as a lapdog of big media.

Back to the character of the U.S. president. Trillhaase will need the contortion ability of a basket of cobras to excuse the character deficiencies of the new president, who relied on the manipulations of Dominion software, baskets of fake ballots, hired thugs and Jeffrey Epstein-level blackmail to get himself and his accomplice Hunter Biden, into office.

Character, indeed.

For an encore, Trillhaase could praise the continuous violation of the First Amendment by Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Bill Gates and their Silicon Valley cohorts.

Bridger Barnett


Money goes to China

Stimulus checks borrowed on the future earnings of workers with the economy closed down: John Maynard Keynes and Richard Kahn would just shake their collective heads. (Review of Keynesian theory: One dollar can multiply up to seven times in an open economy.)

At least we all can order goods from China online. Sigh.

Brian Windsor


Barging works

More money spent on a fish workgroup that only results in whatever that group’s own self-interest is wastes money that could be used on proven ways of getting fish to the ocean.

Barging fish has made one of the best returns in recent history.

Common sense tells me money spent on barging fish works and is cheaper than workgroups that get little done.

Barging keeps fish safe all the way to the ocean. Use some common sense and do something that worked in the past.

Abel Workman