Criticism uninformed

... Mike Petrusky’s Jan. 6 letter regarding the Clarkston budget is rude, inaccurate and poorly informed.

The city is constitutionally required to have a balanced budget. That budget is adopted at public meetings at which Petrusky seems to have been absent. ...

He appears concerned about salaries and newly budgeted positions. ...

He may have legitimate concerns about salaries, but I can assure him Clarkston is getting maximum effort for the money. ...

We have a public works director, a single position, who oversees sanitation, wastewater, stormwater, parks, building permits and city planning, in addition to oversight of millions of dollars of federal and state grants.

Our city treasurer oversees financial duties, billing, administration, records and audits in addition to taking minutes of city council meetings.

Our mayor is paid a less-than-lucrative salary of $1,200 per month. I ask Petrusky to compare those positions to cities such as Lewiston, Pullman or Moscow.

Sewer and sanitation ... increases were discussed and justified during the budgeting process. ...

Sewer rates will be used to maintain the single most important physical asset of the city, the wastewater treatment plant, which treats sewage for both the city and county.

Citizens of Clarkston can be proud of the stewardship of local tax money and service fees. I know of no other local city that performs for less.

If Petrusky has an issue with any budget item, I encourage him to actually attend public meetings or comment electronically. Alternately, he could run for public office. ...

John Murray

Clarkston City Council


Setting the record straight

Mike Petrusky inadvertently or on purpose misstated that the city of Clarkston added five new “administrative” positions.

We did not add five new “administrative” positions.

“Administrative assistant” is a clerical position.

We increased one clerical position in finance to work under the direction of the clerk treasurer. We have been very successful in applying and receiving state and federal grants. This all requires more paperwork.

Our state audits will now be yearly vs. the three-year state audits we had in the past. We also have had and will continue to have additional reporting for COVID-19 for all departments.

We added one position to the public works department for the public works director who has never had any clerical help.

We added one position at the police department due to the 17 bills passed in the last legislative session regarding additional training and reporting for police departments going forward.

We increased one 3/4-time clerical position to full time at the fire/emergency medical services department.

The EMS levy was decreased by $152,000 for 2022.

We have not had an increase in personnel at City Hall since 1986.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions regarding these new positions.

Monika Lawrence

Mayor, city of Clarkston


Next: Nancy in Russian?

Ha sido un misterio para este escritor por que el Lewiston Tribune comenzo a publicar las tiras comicas de “Nancy.” Siempre han estado desordenados y llenos de intentos juveniles de explicar temas aburridos.

Ahora, la Trib ha ejecutado la version en espanol durante varios dias, lo que hace posible que el quizas uno por ciento de sus lectores que leen espanol entiendan a Nancy.

La primera vez, este escritor penso que era solo un error tonto. Ahora lo entiendo de la manera en que “Nancy” lo explicaria: es simplemente tonto.

Puede haber una decima de un por ciento en los lectores del Tribune que hablan ruso. ¿Significa eso que podemos esperar un futuro comic de “Nancy” en ruso?

Felicitaciones: ha demostrado que complacera a cualquier grupo por cualquier razon o sin razon.

Ricardo Rogers


On the mend

I was recently in the hospital during the Christmas season. I had slipped on the ice and broke my ankle, which is not fun at 71. I was in the Clearwater Valley Hospital ER in Orofino, St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston and Aspen Park of Cascadia rehabilitation center in Moscow.

At each facility I received quality care. The doctors, nursing staff, support staff, kitchen and housekeeping not only gave great care but were kind, considerate and professional. All were positive and encouraging.

It was a hard time to be away from home but they made me feel very comfortable and kept my spirits up. Thanks to everyone who helped in my care.

Karen Kenzler