Deaths were preventable

A question of perspective: Will anti-maskers be seen in the same light as knee-to-the-neckers as 330,000- plus victims of COVID-19 have gasped “I can’t breathe”?

What’s the difference? All were deaths that very possibly could have been avoided if different actions were taken.

Frances Conklin


Actions have consequences

A great deal of discussion is going on about one’s right not to wear a mask.

I hear, “This is America and I have the freedom to make my choice, and no one can tell me what to do.”

We also live by another principle: Accepting the consequences of your actions.

If someone decides not to wear a mask and infects others, shouldn’t that person be held accountable for his or her decision? Shouldn’t the person be responsible to reimburse the infected person for lost wages when he or she cannot go to work, for medical expenses not covered by insurance or pay a death benefit to the surviving family?

If you are bold enough to make your decision, you are also bold enough to accept the consequence of those actions. Yes, you can make your own decisions. But, when your decisions have the potential to affect other people’s well-being, you are responsible for the outcome.

Do the right thing for your fellow man, and wear a mask.

Wyatt Coil


‘You cannot’ misquote Abe

Hey, Jeff Sayre, the “you cannot” statements you attributed to President Abraham Lincoln in your Dec. 27 column — your last — were in fact written in 1916 by ex-clergyman William J. H. Boetcker.

I wonder why the quotation’s voice did not sound like Lincoln to you. It sure didn’t to me. And a quick Google search confirmed it.

This was too great an oversight on your part if you wanted to be viewed as credible.

Allison Hays


Here comes Uncle Joe

As Uncle Joe would say, “Come on, man. You know the thing.” We can now defund our police, eliminate Immigration and Custom Enforcement, disassemble orange man’s ridiculous and unneeded border wall, give citizenship to millions of immigrants, cut defense spending, eliminate all semi-automatic weapons, fund and embrace sanctuary cities and pay slave reparations to our Democratic Black friends.

“We have it made in the shade now, folks” because we will eliminate oil fracking and offshore drilling, cap deep wells and that cussed pipeline, require only electric cars by 2030, rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and place wind mills on every hill.

“We have dark days ahead as we fundamentally change America,” but have no fear as we eliminate Donald Trump’s hideous tax cuts, spend badly needed money on other country’s needs and security, forgive our college student debt, and give everyone an A grade and a blue ribbon.

And finally, we can give Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico statehood to add four more Democrat senators, increase our Supreme Court to 15 members and do away with the Senate filibuster.

“Folks, we will never lose again under any circumstances, I can promise you.”

“And as soon as Kamala Harris is sworn in as commander in chief, we will get things done, period, period.”

John Webb


Cartoons OK; AP is not

Lewiston Tribune: A couple of quick comments.

First, I do commend you for your somewhat changed cartoon policy. I have actually seen ones I thought were aimed at both sides of the political scene.

I actually was on the verge of re-subscribing to your paper. Since quitting about three years ago, my contact with the Tribune has been day or more late copies from a friend.

However, I am saddened even more by the fact that you are still either ignoring solid facts or do not deserve to be called a fact-gathering institution.

Twice I have read Associated Press stories lately claiming in words to this effect: “The Trump challenge is bunk; this election has been the most honest and accurate one since the beginning of the country.”

Really? Have you not heard about the Hunter Biden, Joe Biden miscues during the past years? Never a word have I seen in the Tribune.

How about the Dominion machines? ...

Are these topics not news?

Your paper is contributing to the downfall of our country by your ignoring totally news that impacts our future. Crooked elections are one of the ways it is happening.

So, I have not changed my mind.. No re-subscribing for me.

Not now.

Jake Wren



First it was Joe Biden giving a speech. Next, it was the sports section with Black Lives Matter in the NBA.

Biden didn’t take his eyes off the script that was written for him and he did not take questions afterward. I wish I had positive thoughts for this man but I don’t.

As for the Black Lives Matter, are we to believe that other lives do not matter? There have been injustices since time began.

Protests have caused riots, destruction of property — and what was accomplished?

It has caused more distrust and hate.

Jesus said we must love our neighbor as we love ourselves. I don’t think I will see that in what is left of my life.

There is very little good news in the newspapers anymore. A very pessimistic attitude prevails in my mind today.

It must be the weather — or the fact that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just appeared on my television.

Laura Stilson


Wasting money

I tried to contact, but no luck.

My thought is that it’s a waste of money to give money to anyone. Me and my wife got $2,400. We did not need it. But who could not take it?

We are retired. I have a good retirement. How many people are retired and living the good life?

And then there are those who got the money, just lived the good life and then complained when it was gone.

I believe if the money is given to only businesses and paid out in wages, the businesses would make money and employ people to do a job. The people get paid for working. No one gets money and then just sits around.

Finances can be checked for proper usage to see that it is spent properly.

I believe the government is all wrong when it just throws money around. There is no way to control the way money is spent.

Too much money has been wasted during the last four years.

Jacob Nein


Who’s next?

Minds blown away. The wind was called “Mariah.”

Scattered from here to there, to and fro, merging with mystics unleashing a mystery.

Beware of that which is discovered because truth can be our worst nightmare.

Hooray for Joe Biden and the Democrats, even though I’m a Trumper.

May the good times roll in the year of the mask.

So, Jim Roach for one, who are you going to kick around now? Remember Richard Nixon saying something like “They won’t have me to kick around anymore”?


James Claffey


The good doctor retires

Dr. Lee Gould, a dedicated cardiologist, is retiring after approximately 40 years.

Gould never practiced “assembly line” medicine (a high compliment given today’s often fast-paced, “quick care”).

He was both thorough and attentive. He also notably did not gouge his patients monetarily — particularly when in practice for himself — with excessively high bills. ...

With greed so prevalent in society overall, this stands out.

Gould even published his own telephone number in the local phone book in order to be available in emergencies. Wow.

Years ago, while crossing paths at both hospitals, it was notable how conscientious Gould was because he would often complete his dictation almost immediately, even on weekends.

Approximately a year ago as my mother was assisting with my dad’s care and struggling to get him into the car at the Tri-State Memorial Hospital parking lot, she looked up to see Gould holding the car door open. When my dad later passed away, Gould (our family physician for many years) signed and sent our family a personal sympathy card — even while on leave from work.

A doctor taking the time to go out of his way in such a kindly and simple manner is something a family never forgets.

Some doctors may not get the full credit or appreciation they actually deserve, especially for the personal sacrifices they surely make.

I would like to encourage everyone who knew Gould to take time to send him a special, heartfelt note and a card of appreciation. He truly deserves it.

Ronda Granlund


Civil war is coming

By afternoon of Nov. 4, people strongly suspected the American presidential election had been stolen. Viewing the shenanigans in Atlanta and the fact more ballots were submitted in many areas that outnumbered the registered voters, that suspicion was replaced by heavily substantiated knowledge. ...

I cannot understand the leftists’ belief the American people, some 75 million-plus of them who stood in line to vote, would just sit home, sulk and do nothing.

What about our military that just found out their votes were switched to Joe Biden? The left does not understand they’ve crossed a red line that will spark a civil war across America if the rigged election is allowed to stand. ...

President Donald Trump haters are ignoring the optics. Even if by some chance no vote fraud occurred that could change the outcome, it looks so bad from what we can see on the various videos and testimony they should have been calling for verification like the rest of us.

They must have something to hide.

They refuse to hear our voices but they will not be able to plug their ears enough to drown out the gunfire coming soon.

If Trump went public and begged for the violence to stop, nobody will heed him because this will be a civil war to save not a president but our constitutional republic. ...

The forces that will save this country will not be deterred by their whining and some of them may pay for their lies. ...

Michael Dietz


Keep it up

Nathan Alford: Thank you for your unbiased news reporting. We appreciate it so much that you present both sides. Keep up the great work.

We’re so glad we can support an independent, family owned, local newspaper.

Cosette Moore


Missing Trump already

For some, millions of dollars and a guarantee that Joe Biden’s campaign will succeed comes with, of course, a caveat emptor.

Possibly President Biden must remove all our naval presence near Taiwan and encourage Japan and Russia to do the same so that China can protect Taiwan from foreign invasion — while of course they annex it.

Hunter Bident at this time will try to convince Japan and Russia that it was the U.S. that initiated World War III.

The radical Democrats will be carrying out Joe Biden’s promise to end everything oil and gas. The oil and gas thing will create an influx of workers with no income, but also burden the electric grids already having lost half its clientele, thereby laying off half its workforce.

Expect to experience brownouts, then blackouts.

The grids will fall like dominos.

This disruption of our economy will cause a world bankruptcy. Their grids will also follow. There will be no electricity, no water and no sewage disposal.

We can live only two days without water.

Who will be left and who will be taken?

Does this sound like something you might find in the Bible ?

Is this supposed to be a scary thing? Of course it is.

One of the three possibilities must prevail. Whatever occurs, we will all be wishing we could get Donald Trump back.

Dream on.

Ben Seubert


Home field advantage

Imagine a baseball game in which the rules allow the home team to “bat around” each inning while the visitors can only send one player to the plate.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it? The visitors have to knock it out of the park every time to win while the home team can do so with a small ball, station to station strategy.

Such unfairness is, of course, the rule for local opinion writing at the Lewiston Tribune. Each week, one local conservative bats while the Progressives send six editorials written or chosen by Marty Trillhaase to the plate along with columns by Randy Stapilus, Chuck Malloy and Marc C. Johnson.

Freedom of the press is, of course, for them what owns the presses. Nathan Alford is absolutely free to rig the game as he chooses but is he bringing in the fans? It would seem not.

When Alford was a lad, Nez Perce County was solidly blue for Lyndon Baines Johnson (70-to-80 percent majority).

In 2020, President Donald Trump doubled up on Joe Biden on the Tribune’s home field.

It’s going to take more than an occasional right-leaning editorial cartoon for this page to feel like “the friendly confines” to those hometown fans.

Ending the rigged game should help fan appeal. Is the world going to end if there’s only an editorial when Trillhaase writes one?

How about some balance? Feature one local lefty columnist a week instead of three.

It certainly can’t hurt to try.

Thomas A. Hennigan


Not conservative

Being one on the right, I can say that recent claims of the Lewiston Tribune being conservative fall short.

Referencing a list of headlines for positive achievements by the conservatives and President Donald Trump the past four years, I chose a few:

l “Mission Act 2018 enhances veteran health care access.”

l “ISIS no match for Trump military strategy.”

l “Trump’s USMCA trade deal another promise fulfilled.”

l “Trump achieves 50th successful hostage release.”

l “U.S. surpasses Russia and Saudi Arabia in crude oil production.”

l “President signs bill providing permanent funding to many Black and minority colleges.”

l “Job-rich environment leads to 17-year low poverty rate.”

l “Trump administration brokers third Arab/Israeli peace and trade agreement.”

l “Trump receives fourth Nobel Peace Prize nomination.”

l “Biden ex-partner drops bombshell evidence of ex-VP connection to Chinese government money.”

l “President chided for Chinese travel ban — Democrat eyes on impeachment.”

None of these made Tribune headlines. ...

Had we seen these headlines (even on Page 3), we could admit to a fair and balanced paper. The Alfords instead chose to follow the Democratic National Committee’s daily negative talking points for four years, supported by Associated Press interpretation and opinion of events and repeated use of “high level unnamed/anonymous sources.”

The Tribune recoiled at the accusation it was the enemy of the people. Keeping certain news from your readership is not very friendly to anyone. If I were not so right, I would also be upset at not having the opportunity to make up my own mind.

David Klatt


Blacked out

Just a simple question: How is it that I can watch hundreds of basketball games of no interest to me and the No. 1 team in the country is blacked out in our area?

Loren Estes