What was that?

Pete Castor was wise to bring along a birder to identify the different gulls in his Feb. 9 photo feature at the Asotin County Landfill. He should have brought someone — anyone — to tell him what a backhoe looks like.

Wayne Gash


All about him

President Donald Trump appears incapable of discriminating between the pronouns we and me. In his narcissistic world, the pronoun me takes preference over the pronoun we as in “We the people.” As an example, during the national anthem at his Super Bowl party, he pretended to be conducting the band rather than standing with his hand over his heart. The world revolves around “me” (Trump).

Trump’s personality exhibits many of the characteristics of a person with a malignant narcissistic personality, which are: grandiose behavior; no empathy for others; need for attention, admiration and recognition; inflated sense of self-importance and achievements; belief of superiority and greatness, such as “being the chosen one”; sense of entitlement; taking advantage of others for personal gain and vindictive behavior.

In the book “A Very Stable Genius” are some examples of his narcissistic behavior. On Page 136 during a meeting at the Pentagon Trump stated, “I wouldn’t go to war with you people,”… “You’re a bunch of dopes and babes.” On Page 163 during a meeting in India when Prime Minister Modi was expressing some concerns about China’s ambitions, Trump revealed his ignorance of geography when he said. “It’s not like you’ve China on your border.” When talking about NATO on Page 273, Trump said, ”No that’s other people that do that. I don’t. I’m very consistent. I’m a very stable genius.”

At the National Prayer Breakfast, Trump’s message was vengeance is mine, along with his lies and incoherent sentences.

Tom Fellows


Made U.S. look bad

Thank you, CNN, for your 24/7 coverage of the impeachment proceedings. Although I’m sure it was not your intention, you provided visual proof of the hatred for America present in the Democratic Party.

Every American now knows how stupid and petty House Speaker Nancy Pelosi really is. Your superb coverage showed how the liberal-led U.S. House of Representatives wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on a hateful witch hunt. My only problem with your service is that you portrayed an image to the entire world, of just how stupid the leaders of our country are. Thank you, CNN, for making America look stupid.

Richard Oler


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