USA becomes the BRT

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s impeachment clown circus is over and America finished its metamorphosis into a fully-fledged banana republic controlled by Vladimir Putin. The so-called “trial” had all the trappings of a communist kangaroo court.

All dissenting evidence and witnesses were deliberately excluded by the Senate puppets acting on behalf of the controlling administration.

Prior to the trial, “Moscow” Mitch McConnell openly collaborated with the defendant, Donald J. Trump, who was charged with violating the Constitution.

“Leningrad” Lindsey Graham and other Trump sycophants publicly declared their minds were made up before the trial and no amount of evidence was going to change their opinion.

“Rooskie” Jim Risch slept through much of the trial, “Politburo” Paul Rand worked on crossword puzzles, and the rest of Trump’s zombies spent their time mesmerized by fidget spinners.

Trump’s lawyers were openly dishonest. One said, “Trump is a man of his word,” despite the fact that Trump has lied more than 15,000 times since his inauguration. Another claimed that Trump could do anything he wants to get reelected.

Obvious and documented dishonesty prevailed. GOP now stands for “Groveling Over Putin.”

American justice is dead. Welcome to the Banana Republic of Trump.

Paul Oman


Losing trust

Distrust of our government is not something new but it seems that lack of trust is the primary cause of citizen’s discontent.

Citizens are frustrated with the way government works and with what government does. Citizens have become alienated; they feel less able to influence the political process.

Many citizens have a perception that those with money control public policy decisions. Citizen confidence and citizen involvement in government has declined in the recent years.

Representatives in government are less accessible, less accountable, less responsive and less in tune with the needs and wants of the communities that they are expected to represent. The governmental process must be conducted in a way that considers the broader public interests of our communities.

It is time the people of our communities take a hard look at what our government is and just who created it.

Local officials are not elected to impose their will upon the citizens; they are elected to represent citizens’ interests. Your vote counts, so see you at the polls on the school levy on March 10.

Christopher Hertel


Not buying it

I see the Lewiston Tribune along with the Moscow-Pullman Daily News are going to have an open house for folks to meet with their management.

The notice says these newspapers want to “strive to be worthy of our trust.”

OK. Then let’s start by becoming an unbiased publication that reports all sides of an issue and both sides of the political system fairly.

The Sunday Opinion section is 95 percent Eugene Robinson, Dana Milbank and others who use that forum to bash our current president. The Mike Luckovich political cartoons are tasteless garbage, but that’s what you print day after day.

Marty Trillhaase’s “Cheers & Jeers” section is primarily jeers against members of the GOP.

Between your paper, The Associated Press, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and others, you have all forgotten what responsible journalism is.

It’s obvious which political party you all support.

Have you ever considered how many subscribers you have lost in recent years? Perhaps if you published a more balanced newspaper, your readership would increase and you wouldn’t have to keep raising rates, which are negotiable by the way.

Wayne Vantrease


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