Pitts smeared Graham

A colloquial definition of civility in matters of public debate is “the art of disagreeing without being disagreeable.” We used to be able to rely on George Will and the late David Broder for such civil exchanges from the right and left, respectively. Now that time is gone.

A case in point is Leonard Pitts, as can be seen in his Feb. 10 column.

Pitts took exception to Franklin Graham’s statements regardinig this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. Beyond that, he went on to make this statement: “Why is it always sex? Why is it that conservatives only ever see a moral dimension, cause for moral indignation, in the evocation of this most natural and common of human activities?”

Pitts conveniently forgets the entire pro-life movement in general, no? He definitely gave short shrift to Graham’s numerous activities beyond “the cure of souls,” which include but are not limited to:

l Providing food and water to those in need.

l Disaster relief.

l Combating human trafficking.

Graham might not be “indignant” about those problems, but he sure is working to make things better in a lot more areas than sexuality and exploiting women.

Pitts has written a truculent and bigoted smear of Graham and all conservatives.

There are Lewiston Tribune readers who rightly feel personally attacked by this smear.

Will Tribune Publisher Nathan Alford run a front-page column distancing his paper from it?

Does he understand that not doing so tells the public a lot about the prospects for his “civility project”?

Thomas A. Hennigan


Fire them all

I’m so tired of listening to politicians argue about who is doing the best job.

They all should be fired because they argue about Democrats do this and Republicans do that.

They both get zero done on their job.

Neither one is doing anything for America, except wasting our money on political B.S.

They have one of the worst records of getting things done.

They all need to be fired.

They are a embarrassment to America.

Let’s get rid of this political conflict and get people who get the job done so it helps the American people become better.

I don’t care what they are as long as they do their jobs.

This Democrat-Republican thing needs to stop. We need people who work for the good of the USA, not for their own personal gain.

I want someone who works for the people of America.

Abel Workman


In praise of mavericks

America used to be defined by mavericks. Just think back to the good old American Western movies. I lost all respect for the president of the United States when he lambasted the late, great senator and war hero, John McCain, one of the last mavericks in U.S. politics.

Now American politics and culture is largely defined by goose-stepping lemmings.

Last week, a new maverick stepped forward and another one passed on.

RIP Kirk Douglas and kudos Mitt Romney.

Let’s hope the Twitter-bashing cowards in the lemming crowd do as lemmings do as they head for the ever deepening swamp.

I’m hopeful, Sen. Romney, that the example you demonstrated of your faith, conviction and honesty becomes the savior of America. You will be remembered. Lemmings are soon forgotten.

Now, can someone please produce a new classic Western movie, please?

Mike Pearson


Sorry, Doug

Why should Nez Perce County accept the urban renewal agency’s and/or city of Lewiston’s financial help with the courthouse project?

The county has the money for the project. They can do it without anyone’s help.

But where did most of that sales tax money that was voted on by the Nez Perce County citizens — which included those in the city of Lewiston — come from?

Certainly not any of the city’s 32,000-plus citizens.

Sorry, Commissioner Doug Havens, if we insulted your machismo.

Ged W. Randall


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