No longer welcome

For Sheriff Chris Goetz and Clearwater County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, 2017 was the start of a new year but it started out with a bad beginning. After having open meetings for 50 years in hopes to attract new members to Search and Rescue, Goetz included this statement in his January email:

“Jan. 27, 2017 — There will also be a change to our meetings starting on Monday. Search and Rescue meetings are only open to current members and invited guests. All others will be asked to leave. These are not public meetings. Thank you, Chris Goetz, Sheriff, Clearwater County.”

This was an obvious statement directed to prevent me from attending monthly meetings, even though I was not allowed to speak. This was not to be a problem as my wife was a member and I would be her guest.

When we arrived at the Search and Rescue building, Goetz and former Chief Deputy Rick Miller were waiting in the carport for me. They walked out shoulder to shoulder to meet us in the parking lot.

Goetz told me I was not welcome and I replied: “I was my wife’s guest.”

He then stated I had to leave so I posed the question: “Then you lied?” And he acknowledged that he had.

Miller then informed my wife that she was welcome to stay. Really?

I was her transportation so, in effect, she was banned from that meeting, also.

It only gets worse. We really need a new sheriff.

Frederick Allen


Bills will mount

In response (continued argument) to Sherre Polumsky:

Members of the public are so naive. To Polumsky, I would say: You are worried about Asotin County Superior Court Judge Scott Gallina’s rate of pay? That’s so funny it makes me cry. How about the tens of millions of dollars his conviction will bring in appeals from all the cases he’s ever sentenced anyone on?

Let’s make him repay that instead.

Apollo Warnock


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