So much for integrity

In July 2016, there was the sixth grade forestry tour and Clearwater County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue members provided meals as it had for several years.

The agreement was search and rescue would purchase the food and the forestry tour would reimburse it.

In August, the sixth grade forestry tour paid the bill presented to it, but then the food service gave a lowered adjustment to search and rescue’s bill.

Instead of passing this savings back to the forestry tour, which relies on donations and volunteers, Sheriff Chris Goetz kept this adjustment difference in the search and rescue treasury. Although not a lot of money, it reflects on Goetz’s integrity to honor the agreement to the organization.

In February 2017, there was money from the state for payment for helicopter service. Goetz made payment for the helicopter service prior to the monthly meeting without membership approval.

This month was different was though. Instead of making payment directly to Hillcrest Aircraft from search and rescue’s account, he made payment to Backcountry Medic, which in turn made payment to Hillcrest Aircraft.

That was the first and only time it was disclosed the Backcountry team had a separate account. The Backcountry team was part of search and rescue, but split off years before and became Backcountry Medic. It rejoined search and rescue in late 2015 or early 2016.

I will provide information about this account and Goetz’s action with it.

It amazed me, and I am sure it will it will raise your eyebrows, also.

Frederick Allen


Novelist omitted

It was interesting to read in the Jan. 25 Tribune of the 150th anniversary of the tragic Marias River Massacre (or the Baker Massacre — but why credit the perpetrator?) in northern Montana.

It was appropriate of the Blackfeet to honor the occasion. But I was a little disappointed to see no mention of Blackfeet novelist James Welch’s remarkable epic novel, “Fools Crow,” which culminates in that attack on peaceful people suffering from smallpox.

Best known for his short novel, “Winter in the Blood,” Welch, who died in 2003, deserves to be read. And among the titles published by Native American writers, few if any can compare with “Fools Crow” (1986).

I’d like to think that every student at Blackfeet Community College has read that novel.

Ron McFarland


Losing the fish

The article in the Jan. 24 Tribune Outdoors section does an excellent job of explaining the returns of adult salmon and steelhead to Idaho’s Snake River Basin.

In the coming weeks and months, our region will be involved in the discussion of the environmental impact statement (EIS) required for the operation of the Columbia River System.

We will be inundated with seemingly endless acronyms, slogans and facts.

We will hear from experts in economics, transportation, agriculture, generation of electrical power and climate change.

We will be told the problem for the salmon/steelhead is ocean conditions, predators (sea lions and cormorants, etc.), water temperatures, gill nets, foreign fishermen and dams.

It will become easy to lose sight of the problem.

After 30 years and more than $16 billion spent to save the fish, we are losing our fish.

There aren’t enough adult fish returning to Idaho to sustain the runs.

Federal and state laws and treaties require that we save the fish.

It’s about the fish.

Keith E. Carlson


Abortion not the answer

In response to those advocating abortion as simply a “medical procedure,” I am compelled to approach the subject from a strictly medical viewpoint.

Doctors are trained to know that life begins at conception and grows and thrives in the uterine environment for nine months. In addition, as a Lutheran Christian, I know that life exists from the time of conception, and as such is precious in the eyes of God. If the fetus were not a living person, how would it grow? This life is a growing human being, not merely a fetus.

Women who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy do not have to choose to abort the baby, a precious life. An avenue of seeing the pregnancy through to term is possible. Her baby is a human life, therefore a precious, living soul.

I don’t have all the answers for unplanned pregnancies. The woman finding herself with unwanted pregnancy must find a Christian counselor or respected clergyman to help sort out her future. The answer is not abortion.

You will see me and my friends praying to end abortion soon in the upcoming 40 Days for Life vigil, a peaceful pro-life demonstration in front of Planned Parenthood in Pullman.

Alice Brown


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