Impeach Schiff

Adam “sack of” Schiff, you are not the judge or jury, nor are you above the law. This impeachment hoax has got to stop.

You have divided this great country and you need to be held accountable. You have lied repeatedly during three years and have cost working Americans millions of dollars. I get it, you hate our president. And, by the way, he is your president too.

Adam “sack of” Schiff, you are disgusting, disgraceful, hateful, hopeless and helpless.

Go back to your sandbox with your binkie, your blankie and work on a solution for your pee-free state of California. More than 148,000 homeless, rats, drugs, disease and three deaths a day occur in your great state.

Billions of federal funding goes to support programs for those in need and what happens to that money? So why are you so concerned about Ukraine?

Trump will be No. 46 and I’m sure you have a plan for more impeachments. Perhaps with your history, maybe you should be the one impeached.

Finally, Mr. Schiff, when you say your prayers tonight, don’t forget to read the Constitution.

God bless our president and country, with liberty and justice for all.

Marge Lunders


Praise for Romney

I did not vote for Mitt Romney in 2012. I’m glad I didn’t. ... All I know is that someone — someone — in his party finally had to stand for and with principles.

It’s also worth mentioning there’s no risk for Romney in what he’s done. That’s not the way principles work.

Robert Wrigley


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