Counting her blessings

I wanted to thank the firemen and police officers who responded when my pickup caught fire on the end of the bridge on Jan. 7. My grandson was driving and he was given assurance and assistance above and beyond the basics.

A ruptured fuel line is the suspected cause and considering how fast the fire progressed, we consider ourselves fortunate there was no one injured or that no other property was damaged.

The pickup was a total loss, with liability coverage only, but we are counting our blessings.

Again, thanks to all who helped.

Debbie Hovey


Democracy under seige

While we watched the Senate portion of the impeachment trial for President Donald Trump, he has been busy dismantling what we have created and hold sacred in our democracy.

Our own Washington 5th Congressional District representative, Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers, has said she absolutely supports Trump. And her record proves it.

Let’s look at what they are working on doing against us in 2020: cutting student loans, cutting food stamps, children losing school lunches, lowering school lunch standards, cutting postal workers’ pay and benefits, leaving the national wage at $7.25 an hour but expanding the national debt to $22 trillion, proposing cuts to our Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid while increasing funds to the military and border wall, limiting or eliminating Environmental Protection Agency enforcement that would protect our infrastructure, land, air, water and wildlife, cutting veterans’ health care and food assistance, cutting low-income assistance programs and more.

Trump, McMorris Rodgers and Republicans are cutting social programs to bolster defense, corporations and the ultra rich. Forget that we were promised they would protect us. Those were just part of the thousands of lies we were told and are still being told.

It is time to say enough is enough. Get involved in saving our democracy and vote corrupt, anti-Americans out this November.

Pat Bates


Bad location

Clarkston city councilors, I’m not sure what you all are playing at. But I think you need to not put a billboard up at the intersection of Bridge Street, Diagonal and Second Street.

You are saying you need to revamp the intersection because of all the traffic accidents. And then also you are going to put an electronic billboard at the same intersection. That billboard will only increase traffic accidents. You need to rethink that.

Chandr Berg


5G involves risks

... Telecom giants are rolling out fifth generation wireless technology for digital cellular networks. They promise blanket connectivity, faster streaming, opportunities in telemedicine and capacity to convey large amounts of information quickly. Credible research reveals risks, too, but the Federal Communications Commission has preempted local authority, threatening to penalize cities that impede 5G’s rollout.

Officials here are trying to figure out how to comply while protecting communities they serve. Urge them to find allies, question experts, advocate for constituents and entreat federal policymakers and agencies to help. ...

Preparations are underway to install closely-spaced small-cell antennas on poles, towers and buildings, based on safety standards from 1996. It’s prudent to ask about health risks associated with aggregate effects of variable and phased-array electromagnetic radiation. Is it safe to bring children to day cares or playgrounds where antennas are mounted? What about cybersecurity and privacy? Are reports of interference with commercial aviation, weather satellites and other remote sensing warranted? Will ratepayers bear the huge expense for installation and maintenance? Will we need to buy new devices to participate? Could private property owners be forced to dedicate space for transceivers? Is it true that residential values drop when antennas are installed nearby?

The rush to embrace 5G is a race to beat the competition and satisfy seemingly insatiable consumer demand, but at what cost? Let’s choose an incremental course with objective evaluation of safety over time. ...

Ask local government to take the time to get answers and minimize risks for everyone.

Nancy Chaney


Delivered daily

Your newspaper carrier comes to your house everyday, no matter the weather.

That is personal.

Michael Hanson


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