Gaining under Trump

Nick Gier, historically both Republican and Democrat presidents who are in office when our economy emerges from a recession show better job creation and economic numbers because they start at rock bottom and the economy regains strength.

The Obama economy was buoyed by the Federal Reserve’s 0 percent interest rate, huge budget deficits, increased government hiring and a one-time infusion of more than $900 billion. During this period, wages were stagnant and average family incomes dropped. Most of the new jobs were low-income service occupations. Many of the better-paying jobs lost during the Great Recession never returned.

According to Bureau of Labor statistics, in 2016, President Barack Obama’s last year in office, the economy averaged 1.64 percent. We were told that 2 percent gross domestic product was the new normal.

The job numbers for President Donald Trump I quoted were from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics — in 2017, there were 2.2 million new jobs; 2018, 2.7 million new jobs; 2019, 2.1 million new jobs.

Under Trump, our country has gained more than 400,000 new manufacturing jobs. According to the BLS, there was a slight downturn in manufacturing jobs in 2019, but the year ended with about 45,000 new manufacturing jobs.

The new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement should create about 200,000 jobs. The new trade agreements with China and Japan will create tremendous economic activity.

As our economy grows, the federal government will collect more taxes. Deficits will eventually drop if we can stop the politicians from spending it all.

Marvin F. Dugger


Counting on you

The U.S. Census Bureau fulfills a constitutional mandate counting every person in our country each decade. It is important everyone is counted only once and in their correct location.

It is important because population information collected for the 2020 Census will have substantial and lasting impacts on all communities and our nation for the next 10 years. Federal funds, grants and support to the states, counties and communities in the amount of about $675 billion will be distributed based on the census numbers. Money is dispersed among schools, hospitals, infrastructure, public works and many other programs. The amount is based on the number of people in an area. With increased population in Idaho, it is crucial for an accurate count so each community receives the funding to support its residents.

Besides funding, every 10 years, census numbers are used to determine the redrawing of district lines for our U.S. House of Representatives and for our state legislators. This is done to ensure equitable and fair representation as a result of populations shifts.

It is mandatory to complete the census. By doing so you participate in our democracy and say: “I count.”

Leagues of Women Voters across the country are working with local census groups. In Latah County, the library district has taken the lead role working with several groups, including the League of Women Voters of Moscow. If you are interested in working with league volunteers as a part of the counting process, email Kathy Dawes at

Susan Ripley

President, League of Women Voters of Idaho


At least Crapo’s awake

I can’t believe my ears. As I listen to senators from all over our country ask important questions during the impeachment trial, Sen. Mike Crapo’s illuminating question is: “How long will it take if we have witnesses?”

How long? Are you kidding me? Do you have somewhere else to be? Is the impeachment trial impinging on your social obligations?

This trial is important. It is about the future of our country and you, sir, are worried it is taking too much of your time?

You are a United States senator. Try acting like one. Pay attention and try to understand the gravity of this trial. It is your job.

Well, on the positive side, at least you’re not sleeping through the proceedings.

Heather Stout


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