A fifth grade bully

If Rick Rogers had wanted readers to give credibility to his recent opinion, perhaps he should not have chosen to attach an infantile nickname to the person he berated.

It reminds me of how a fifth grade bully might express himself.

I would expect someone who is published regularly to be professional and respectful of his readers.

Ilene Holliday


Putin is winning

We need to wake up. It was Nikita Khrushchev who banged his shoe on a table and said he would bury us. Now it is Vladimir Putin back with a new tactic. He is trying to “divide instead of bury the USA,” according to former White House official Fiona Hill.

And he is succeeding.

We have had a few years where Russia has been low key and not seeming to be a threat to us. But now with Putin in charge, there is a more sneaky and covert threat to our nation. Instead of fighting among ourselves, we need to join together, pray for God’s leadership and fight against our common foe, the tyranny of Russia.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Elaine McLaughlin


Blind-sided by Goetz

In March 2016, Clearwater County Sheriff Chris Goetz called a special meeting of the sheriff’s search and rescue in response to the other three search and rescue officers’ concerns over the treasurer’s actions.

What we expected was clarification of the treasurer’s failings and removing him from office. Instead, we were blind-sided and thrown under the bus.

Goetz had secret meetings with other search and rescue members, which was unknown to us.

At the sheriff’s meeting, Goetz proclaimed that the bylaws no longer existed as he was now in charge. He announced he was installing his own handpicked officers for president, vice president and secretary.

He also announced that he was now the treasurer.

I felt he bowed to the previous treasurer’s threat to quit and take 22 members with him. ...

About a dozen quit. But it came to pass that didn’t work because many, many more quit participating as time went on. Most of these were longtime members and were the first ones called upon as they most always quickly responded.

By not clarifying his reasoning at the meeting, Goetz just caused more confusion and left the previous officers feeling they were the goats. It was the first time I was ever fired for doing my job.

The sheriff also requested afterwards that I generate minutes of the meeting to change the banking signatures. I did that, but he lost those first minutes so I was requested to generate more minutes. ...

Stay tuned. It will only get better.

Frederick Allen


Why brag?

On Jan. 24, Danny “Yack-yack” Radakovich lectured Jim Griffin. He declared title to five virtues, then bragged about each. First virtue: He has “ ... never cheated on my wife.”

The hubris. The pomposity. The sheer gall to announce such a thing publicly as if he deserved a nonparticipation award.

Yack-yack needs deflating, so I puncture his bubbles regularly.

It makes no difference — he’s a “run-flat” tire. He continues his lengthy, content-free, meandering rambles.

To Yack-yack, that’s “good times.”

But not to his clients or Tribune readers.

Bridger Barnett


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