Gunning for Trump

Three years ago, we elected President Donald Trump. Three years ago, the Democrats started impeachment proceedings, alleging Russian collusion. Wrong, it was Ukraine corruption.

Now after three years, there is absolutely no evidence.

Fact: Eighteen or 20 Democrats are running on just three policies — running Trump out of office, free health care and free liberal education.

For starters, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California is taxing his people to stop Trump from building the southern wall so illegal foreigners can vote for free stuff. Look at Democrat Adam Schiff. He spent $70 million on impeachment, nothing on his constituents.

Howard Miller


Not fit to live

The two brothers who murdered the Marine captain and his wife should be put to death.

These murderers (and there are more and more every day) should be put to death within one month if found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. There should be no appeals.

They are playing games with the courts. It costs less than one dollar for a bullet. Instead, they are sentenced to life in the pen with free hots and a cot, free dental, medical care and their laundry done — at whose expense? The U.S. taxpayers, that’s who.

So, wake up, judges.

What if it were your loved one who was murdered? Would you feel differently? I’m sure you would.

I am 91 years old. Let me in there to do your job for you. I’ll clean up this system if you fail to do it.

And what about the guy that got to go to his father’s funeral out of the country? As sure as I’m sitting here, I or anyone else would not be permitted to do that. Just what gives?

Save prison space for the druggies. Maybe they can be reformed and make a good life for them and their families.

Robert Dean


Felt at home

A heartfelt thank you to the Salvation Army for the delicious Thanksgiving Day dinner they provided to so many of us.

But even more special than the dinner were the welcoming smiles and friendly attitudes from everyone associated with the Salvation Army and all of the many volunteers who served the dinner. They made us all feel like we were having dinner with family.

Lewiston is so fortunate to have this facility.

May God continue to bless their efforts.

A special thank you to Salvation Army Lt. David Aycock and his wife, Joleen Aycock, for their service to the Salvation Army and the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley.

John and Nora McNall


Majority should rule

I read with disgust the article in the Nov. 28 Tribune regarding a judge blocking the car tab measure (Initiative 976), which was passed by the voters of Washington state. I did not vote in favor of the initiative because I felt it might jeopardize funding for road maintenance and transportation. However, it was passed by a majority of the voters and therefore I must concede to the majority. Isn’t that how a democracy is supposed to work?

Just because the liberals in King County and Seattle didn’t get their way, they are suing to prevent the initiative from being implemented. If the voters on the east side of Washington don’t like who was elected governor, should we file a lawsuit to prevent him from becoming governor? Again, that’s not how a democracy works.

Is it any wonder the conservatives get upset when liberals pull this kind of B.S.?

Curt Hibbard


Merry Christmas

Many thanks to Emsi of Moscow for its full throated “Merry Christmas” holiday greeting, hung from the Jackson Street grain silos in brightly lit letters of Palousean proportions. It adds a note of cheer to our long, dark nights and is much appreciated

God bless us, every one.

Dan Blanco


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