Syndrome struck Rogers

Rick Rogers’ Sunday has to be responded to.

Redneck Rick is suffering from Trump Denial syndrome. It’s an affliction that requires the sufferer to ignore facts and subject matter that’s associated with his excellency, King Donald Trump.

Apparently, if the facts revealed by witnesses under oath don’t match what Redneck Rick thinks, they’re worthy of personal attack.

Apparently, a foreign accent and education superior to his are not to be trusted — because, after all, if someone might know more than he does, they must be suspect.

This isn’t totally Redneck Rick’s fault.

The blame lies at the feet of news organizations such as the Lewiston Tribune. I’ve read and listened to wonderfully in-depth analysis of the conspiracy theories that are the basis of actions leading to the impeachment inquiry. And none of that analysis has shown the light of day in the Tribune.

I think the publisher is afraid of very conservative local readers, particularly those such as Redneck Rick. The reader will need to find facts elsewhere, and not rely on the weak coverage and commentary provided by the Tribune.

John Murray


Not a partisan

In his letter dated Nov. 22, Ged Randall accused me of only defending Republicans, influenced by the fact that Doug Havens is part of the central committee for the Republican Party. ...

First I am not concerned with whether a person is a Democrat or a Republican. I dislike both with equal intensity.

Democrats have gone to the extreme left. Anyone who votes for them is crazy.

Republicans have spent too many years making promises they did not intend to keep.

There are only two persons in the political arena that I tolerate. One is obviously Havens. He does a good job and needs our support.

The other person I tolerate is Nez Perce County Auditor-Recorder Patty O. Weeks. She is a Democrat.

If you attack either of these two, I will be the first in line to defend them. Other than these two, I have no interest in who is who in the political arena.

I have no interest in calling Idaho Republican Party Chairman Raul Labrador. He does not dictate what I say or do.

As far as accountability and transparency goes, I am a private citizen. I am only accountable to myself.

Randall only made an enemy where none existed with his statements in the newspaper.

I would suggest in the future that he confine his remarks to the facts and not get into conjecture and assumptions.

David Estes


Old songs, new meaning

I just heard a song I remember from my college days:

“Young people speakin’ their minds,

“Gettin’ so much resistance from behind.”

The Yale-Harvard halftime “show” included hundreds of students going on to the field to call attention to climate change and the hope their two colleges will divest from fossil fuels.

Sixteen-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg addressed the United Nations on climate change and ended her speech with “shame on you.”

A recent Washington Post article highlighted the waste of energy, materials, labor and other aspects of the fashion industry. One concern was the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills.

What can we all do about being kinder to the planet? Stop buying bottled water (unless your well is contaminated). ...

Compost or find a neighbor who does and really wants your apple cores and coffee grounds. Recycle everything you possibly can, including clothes. There are many consignment and thrift stores in the area where folks who need to stretch their budgets can clothe their families at bargain prices.

Share your magazines with your neighbors or take them to the library.

Perhaps this gift-giving season many of you will give to charity in honor of loved ones, instead of just piling on more “stuff.”

Let’s pay more attention to the young people speaking their minds about their planet and their future. Another song from my youth, Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan, wrote:

“Come senators, congressmen,

“Please heed the call ...

For the times they are a-changin’.”

Linda Ross


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