It could happen here

Some time ago, the Lewiston Tribune gave a half-page below the fold to the story of an elderly Jewish man, probably in his late 80s or early 90s, who survived the Holocaust. ...

His words made me remember a day when I sat having a chelation treatment. There were often two dozen of us, lounging in recliners, hooked up for two hours to dripping IVs.

We discussed many things. ...

Another day there was an older couple, brother and sister, who both showed us the numbers tattooed on their arms. They were the only surviving Jews from a large family. ...

In the U.S., they told of speaking often at events, telling of their time spent in a concentration camp, emphasizing the fact that with anti-Semitism and neo-Nazis growing in our country, another holocaust could happen here.

They told us people laughed at them, saying that could never happen in America. I remember them stating that with all the disbelief following them, they moved to Vancouver, B.C.

Lately I’ve heard one woman candidate for president saying we should have concentration camps here. I suppose she meant that day for Trump supporters.

Those two Jews I heard speak are likely rolling in their graves.

For readers of this letter, I know the previous one was properly addressed as follows: Letters to the Editor, P.O. Box 957, Lewiston, Idaho 83501, as required by the Tribune. So now I am sure Marty Trillhaase is mistaken, saying it did not arrive at the Tribune.

Flora Teachman


Sayre doesn’t know Trump

In reply to Jeff Sayre’s Dec. 8 column: I live in New York City, but have relatives in Idaho. When I visit Idaho, I am astonished to hear opinions such as Sayre’s expressed.

I understand as a city slicker my opinion carries little weight with the good people of Idaho. However, having lived in this great city for nearly 35 years, I do have extensive knowledge of the character of Donald Trump.

Speak to any of the charities here he has defrauded, to any of the subcontractors here he has stiffed, to any of the women here he has abused, to any of the victims here of his bullying and frivolous libel suits, to any of the students he bilked with his infamous Trump University: The man specializes in flim-flam. He is a bully and a crook.

This is not “fake news.” The people of New York have lived the Trump experience for decades. ...

Americans used to be known for their common sense, for their ability to see through a grifter’s baloney. The evidence of the low character of Trump is everywhere without benefit of what he and his supporters choose to call “fake news. ...”

I am reminded of Professor Harold Hill and the 76 trombones he promised the good citizens of River City.

I stand by in amazement at what a bunch of fools he has made of us. Or, more to the point, like the people of River City, what fools we have made of ourselves.

Michael Weholt

New York, N.Y.

Hennigan’s case ludicrous

I’m writing in response to Thomas Hennigan’s Nov. 24 column (“Taking a page from Orwell, left punishes ‘wrongthink’ ”).

I unfortunately don’t have the space here to address all of the ludicrous assertions made therein, but the introductory analogy to Orwell’s “1984” is enough to question the author’s understanding of this issue.

His claims about the relationship between the concepts of sex and gender do not rely on self-evident empirical facts as the analogy would seemingly imply. A significant amount of literature in fields as diverse as sociology and biology recognize how amazingly complicated gender expression is.

There’s no meaningful debate about whether “2+2=4,” but the data on gender expression is not so simple. And despite his protests to the contrary, a number of transpeople do in fact identify with terms like “nonbinary” or “genderqueer.”

I should know given that I’m one of them.

The “add the words” campaign isn’t some paltry request for recognition; it’s a demand for substantive legal protections to prohibit discrimination in housing and employment.

His dismissal of the necessity of those legal protections fails to address the fact that any LGBTQ+ person can be fired, evicted, or denied housing on the basis of their gender identity or sexuality. Discrimination in such contexts on the basis of race, sex, or religion is already prohibited, and for good reason.

In short, nobody is asking you to deny your sense of reality when someone asserts that LGBTQ+ should have substantive legal protections and civil rights.

Casey Parsons


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