Can Fox News be trusted?

Regarding Sherry Cook’s Nov. 2 letter (“Day of reckoning ahead”): I have one question following her positing that national newspapers and television networks are “seditionists and propagandists,” except for Fox News, which she now “listens to” exclusively.

My question is: How do you know “they (Fox) still offer unbiased opinions about actual news and they tell the truth when it comes to (President Donald) Trump”?

How do you really know that?

Frances Conklin


Where are Idaho’s patriots?

Patriotic Americans are not consumed with greed and self-interest. Apparently, the only Republican allegiances are to their own self-interests. There are mountains of evidence of Presidential Donald Trump’s criminal and constitutional guilt, but not a scintilla of evidence that Republican partisans have any interest in preserving, protecting or defending the Constitution of the United States.

A few questions for the back-bench stooges currently representing Idaho in both houses of Congress:

l Is bribery by the president a crime/misdemeanor under the Constitution?

l Do you believe that the Constitution should be respected?

l Do you believe in the rule of law?

l Do you believe that no one is above the law?

l Do you believe it is wrong for the president to abuse the powers of the office?

l Do you believe in checks and balances?

l Do you disavow hatred, racism, xenophobia and misogyny?

l Do you believe patriotism and country come before fealty to a felon?

I suppose by answering “no” to every single one of those questions, our Idaho guys will once again be on the wrong side of history.

Think about how you got into this disgraceful position and your legacies as “true patriots.”

John Fellman


Green’s on the wrong track

I don’t know if the public is aware of what is going on at the University of Idaho. President Scott Green and his cronies are on a quest to privatize UI Facilities Operations. A private company operating facilities will have only one goal — make money.

The folks who are now working at the university care about the university and try to make it a better place during each shift. We work hard to keep obsolete equipment running and try to upgrade when we can.

Take a look at the campus grounds. They are cared for and always look nice.

Look at the buildings. They are always clean.

Privatizing facilities will only lead to campus downgrades as the private company will make minimal repairs the cheapest way possible.

The working people didn’t cause the budget issues, but they are trying to fix it on our backs.

When asked at a question and answer session about the number of people making six-figure salaries at the administration, the president’s response was that is market value and it would not change.

Well, those of us at facilities are 90 percent or less of market value. Yet we continue to do quality work to keep the university operating.

I urge people to write the governor and your state representatives to stop this foolish move.

Tell the bean counters to find another way to balance the budget.

Greg Goodson


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