AP is biased

I’m sorry, but I can’t stand this any longer without saying something. You must start publishing all Associated Press stories on the Opinion page.

AP no longer writes news. I’m sorry the Lewiston Tribune has to pay for its rubbish.

More than five decades ago, my wife and I were reporters on a large city daily, following college degrees in journalism. We were taught the true, whole story was our goal. Our opinion didn’t matter. We were morally obligated to write stories with all the facts we could find.

The AP has abandoned its journalistic capabilities, virtues and morals.

AP reporters don’t research and report but always put in a word or more stating their opinion in paragraphs, such as the Dec. 17 edition’s “committee hearing” story.

You see the words “perpetuated ... baseless ... unfounded ... groundless” and the list goes on in the story.

Well, guess what? Those reporters don’t get to be the judge and jury on that. There were hundreds of affidavits stating wrongdoing and constitutional violations were committed. But the mainstream reporters will not acknowledge that nor report anything that would harm the Democratic Party line.

Our nation has become so corrupt. There are millions of people in America today who have not heard the full truth about any political matter for years because the mainstream national media has only told half the story or none of it at all.

Part of the public has been brainwashed by the media’s continued propaganda and censorship.


Bob Taylor


Fight on

Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch, and Congressmen Mike Simpson and Russ Fulcher, please do not surrender to the corruption of a stolen election.

I urge you to join in the effort to reject electors from the disputed states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin due to illegal avoidance of established rules and obvious tampering with the vote count.

There is just too much evidence and too many historically implausible anomalies to examine before America can be certain of the integrity of this tally. The future of our republic is too important to pretend nothing odd happened.

Consider that President Donald Trump won by an average of 16 percentage points in 17 of the 19 bellwether counties while Joe Biden under-performed Hillary Clinton in every municipality except those four needed in the states up for rejection — and not only outdid Clinton and Barack Obama, but super-performed just enough to win those four states by fewer than 200,000 votes combined.

This can’t pass the smell test to anyone.

The great majority of Idahoans (who voted in overwhelming numbers for both Trump and yourselves) would rather fight than submit to a fraudulent election.

I implore you to cast off your natural inclination to sit on the sidelines again and finally recognize it’s time to lead and not follow.

Please vote to reject the slate of electors from any state where there is use of malicious computer equipment or documented evidence of interference with my constitutional right to a fair and legitimate election.

Dennis Fuller