Heading down hill

Joeobamma’s green policies are causing most of the inflation problems in the U.S.

President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and former President Barack Obama’s controls are going kill the American working man with their hidden agenda.

The U.S. was going in the right direction a few years ago. Now look at our economy.

Anyone who says they are doing a good job has no common sense at all.

Everything in the U.S. is going down hill very fast with these people filling their pockets with kickbacks from China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and COVID-19 rakeoffs.

It’s time for short term limits.

Think about it, people, before it’s too late.

Abel Workman


Hoffman was predictable

Wayne Hoffman’s Dec. 21 piece was predictable. For years, the Idaho GOP has manipulated funding to destroy public schools. They financially starve public schools, then complain about how poorly those schools perform.

The GOP, with support of organizations such as Hoffman’s Idaho Freedom Foundation, has built this self-fulfilling prophesy through a 2006 school funding slash and by granting repeated tax cuts to the wealthiest.

Our GOP-controlled Legislature is shirking its constitutional duty to “... maintain a general, uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools.”

Idaho currently has a $1.6 billion surplus with which the GOP plans to dole out more tax cuts for corporations and people in the highest tax bracket. Why not use a portion of the current surplus to help rural schools get back on a five-day week, improve access to technology, support STEM programs, provide free all-day kindergarten, improve facilities, etc.?

Instead, Hoffman and his ilk use dog-whistle terms such as “government schools” to further denigrate public schools. This term is designed to manipulate our thinking via the coattails of anti-government sentiment.

It’s time to reject such childishness and lay-bare the GOP’s true intentions. They want corporations in control of schools. Those corporations will likely not pay taxes. They will charge tuition per child for their services. Imagine for a moment how that will impact a single mother with three children. Don’t fall for the GOP smokescreen. The devil is in the details, and the system they want will not be good for Idahoans.

Russell Gee


Disputes Dugger

On Dec. 19, Marvin F. Dugger stated: “If you study the climate change controversy, you will find that the science is not settled, and that many of the world’s top scientists do not believe in man-caused climate change. ...”

This is likely Dugger’s source: “31,000 scientists say ‘no convincing evidence’ — OSS Foundation,” which came from http://petitionproject.org. This 1997 petition project has since been thoroughly discredited.

His statement “that the science is not settled” is not true. The “Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” states: “It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land. Widespread and rapid changes in the atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere and biosphere have occurred.”

Dugger also states immediately upon taking office President Joe Biden stopped construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. See “https://www.nrdc.org/stories/what-keystone-pipeline” for an understanding of the pipeline. If you read the Natural Resources Defense Council report, you’ll find the tar sand the Keystone Pipeline was to transport is not typical crude oil. It is called bitumen, the planet’s dirtiest fossil fuel to market.

If we follow Dugger’s suggestion and keep burning fossil fuels emitting greenhouse gases, what is going to happen to the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere — which is currently 416 parts per million?

I’ve been acquainted with Dugger since 1997 through letters to the editor. It is evident that he has acquired most of his anti-climate change information from the Heartland Institute.

For $6.95 you can buy the book “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming.”

Tom Fellows