Trump’s final days

And the president golfed on.

Windy Olson


Led a riveting life

Recently, Lt. Col. John Hoye, U.S.Air Force retired, passed away at age 97.

I had the privilege of being his physician for many years until my retirement in 2017.

In 2014, Hoye wrote a book concerning “true stories from his life.” It is a compilation of some 56 of the best events in his career as a pilot. He flew in three wars — World War II, Korea and Vietnam — as well as stints in commercial aviation. It seems there wasn’t anything he couldn’t fly — commercial, propeller, jet or helicopter.

He did a very limited publication of his book and I feel privileged to have received an autographed copy. He talks of helicopter rescue missions in Vietnam and chasing MIGs over Korea as though they were a routine walk in the park.

All of the stories are riveting.

He must have had nerves of steel and ice in his veins. He was shot down and had some chronic orthopaedic issues the rest of his life as a result. The next time you see a jet vapor trail high in the sky, think of John and whisper a thank you for his defense of America and your freedom.

Brent Fisher


Thanking the Mocks

Now that the Idaho Territorial Capitol building is on the move, it is time to note that although many Lewiston-Clarkston Valley people, businesses and students have given their time and resources, it is the vision and persistence of John and Melva Mock who made the dream happen.

They have devoted more than 10 years to bringing others along with their idea, raising funds, organizing and finding volunteers to re-create the Idaho Territorial Capitol building as it was in Lewiston in 1863-64.

The Capitol is a full-scale replica complete with square nails and very old wood. It represents an important piece of Idaho history and especially the importance of Lewiston. The building is a constant reminder of how the territorial capital was stolen from Lewiston and taken to Boise.

Boise only became the legal capital when Idaho became a state in 1890, many years later. Many territories and states have had their capitals moved. Only Idaho has had its stolen.

Thank you, John and Melva, for all your hard work resurrecting the Lewiston Capitol again.

Mary Minton