The choice is yours

It’s amazing how some locals can be blessed with the miracle of sight, yet so blind they cannot see the truth when it falls into their very lap.

They are not entirely alone in that realm as there are more throughout the nation in different incomes, business positions and even some in elected positions.

The good news is they are limited in numbers, actually shrinking due to revelations that the one they follow continues to espouse his true nature of spewing negative, viral actions and accusations of falsehoods.

Then there’s the effect of age on both mind and body. It seems they get into a circular track and keep going round and round, missing the exit to return to thinking and comprehending abilities they once utilized.

I realize that many individuals grabbed onto what they believe is their last hope to recover what they saw as the good life promised by one Donald Trump.

Our nation entered into a new global era then. We as a nation forgot to look lean and proactive about our future. We got comfortable in the bygone times. We didn’t plan accordingly. We took the easy credit way. Our politicians got lazy and spent way more than our economy could support.

And it continues today.

We need to stop waiting for his magic fairy tale promises. It would be great if that promptly returned. However, as yet no individual has proven to actually deliver the goods, except you.

So what are you going to choose?

Mike Petrusky


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