Proved his point

In her incoherent rambling of Aug. 6 in this publication, Jeanie Stanton proved my point that “Any intelligent person knows that Mueller had no authority to exonerate, or condemn, President Trump.”

As hard as she tried to put her biased, ignorant spin on my statement, her only accomplishment was to prove she is indeed not an “intelligent person” and therefore does not have the ability to comprehend the obvious.

Stanton claims Trump “repeatedly lies about being exonerated,” therefore he is “stupid, an imbecile and a liar.”

American jurisprudence is based on the bedrock principle that lack of facts to convict results in exoneration of the charges. No one is required to provide evidence of innocence, but the prosecution must provide evidence of guilt or the accused is exonerated.

Some people are so filled with hate and anger they are willing to ignore this necessary precept of American law. Stanton obviously is one of these people.

President Donald Trump is right; he has been exonerated. That exoneration has come at a great expense to the American people because of liberal bias and ignorance.

Sorry, Jeanie. When I referred to “any intelligent person,” I was not including you.

Dick Sherwin


Long road ahead

What a week, what a presidential term, what a sh*t show.

After inciting his most ardent supporters into deadly action, President Donald Trump, champion of white nationalists everywhere, as per usual claims he’s innocent and points a tiny finger at video games and mental illness as the cause of this American carnage.

So how doesn’t a blowhard racist bellowing racist tripe nonstop affect these mentally ill folks?

There are many seriously valid reasons, including his lack of honesty, morality, ethics and dignity, why Trump should not be president. But inciting racists by constantly, viciously damning “others” resulting in death and mayhem has to be at the top of the heap.

Hispanics are his favorite go-to-target but black folks, Muslims, natives and Asians get plenty of Trump vitriol as well. He’s an equal opportunity hater.

If you’ve ever read 8chan or Stormfront, you saw post after post praising Trump as their champion and an enemy of “others.” Nice.

Will our nation survive Trump? Will the U.S. Constitution or fair, electoral processes?

I believe it will but we’re going to spend a long period in intensive care, healing from the many wounds inflicted by Trump.

Please, God, bless America.

Johnnie Martinez


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