Times have changed

Why can’t we pass regulations to have guns registered, buyers licensed and insured the same as we do with motorized vehicles?

In the old horse and buggy days, nobody needed a driver’s license or insurance. But when we switched to motorized vehicles for transportation, there arose a need. The registering, licensing and insuring requirements did not interfere with the sales of those vehicles or violate transportation laws.

Gun regulations would not interfere with the selling of guns; they would simply apply certain restrictions. When the Second Amendment was enacted, the only gun available was a single-shot muzzle loader and the only land transportation was horse and buggy. Times have changed.

We need comprehensive gun laws. “Thoughts and prayers” and “background and red flags” are not enough. It is time to petition our politicians to stop having to bury our dead. Let them live.

Carol J. Schmidt


Acting in self-defense

I am greatly saddened by the recent violent events in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas. These events are followed by the usual do-gooders calling for the repeal of our Constitution’s Second Amendment.

Eliminating guns will not eliminate violence.

Those who are protesting President Donald Trump’s trips to the two cities are trying to blame it on his rhetoric. But since this is still a free country, no one made those two commit their violent acts. If psychologists would speak out publicly more, they would tell us that each person alone is responsible for his actions.

Guns do not kill; people do. Cars do not kill; drivers do. You get the idea.

An independent analysis of a 2013 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that firearms are used defensively in a law-abiding manner about 1 million times a year, dwarfing the number of deaths and injuries attributable to their criminal use.

The vast majority of gun owners would use their guns defensively if put in a dangerous situation.

The Daily Signal, an online blog at TheDailySignal.com, for Aug. 7 (https://www.dailysignal.com/2019/08/07/guns-saved-these-americans-from-assault-and-robbery-in-july/) gives 11 examples of guns used in July for self-defense. It also provides links for the months of January through June.

Only rarely do I see the Lewiston Tribune printing this kind of story. I wish it would strive to print more of them. In that way, they could be supportive of and show us they stand behind the Second Amendment.

Bruce Barnett


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