Time to act

Climate change is not a partisan issue. It’s not waiting for us to resolve our political differences. Happily, last week saw a win for climate action as members of Congress in both chambers and in both political parties introduced three bills that put a price on carbon dioxide pollution. These bills join the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, introduced in January with the support of the Citizens Climate Lobby.

The principle of carbon pricing is simple and market-based: Industries that create air pollution at the point its sources enter our economy pay a gradually rising fee for that pollution. They respond by increasing efficiencies and developing new energy sources. End-users are protected from rising prices through a dividend.

The great majority of economists recommend this mechanism for stabilizing the climate and stimulating the economy. EICDA, for example, would reduce U.S. emissions by at least 40 percent in the first 12 years and create 2.1 million new jobs.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is staunchly pro-business, said: “The climate is changing and humans are contributing to these changes. We believe that there is much common ground on which all sides of this discussion could come together to address climate change with policies that are practical, flexible, predictable and durable. ...”

Let’s proceed from “we need to do something about climate change” to “we can do this now.” Let your representatives know you want them to take action that will protect us from the worst effects of climate change.

Mary DuPree


Turning on each other

I haven’t watched any of the Democratic debates, but the clips I’ve seen on the news show them turning on each other like rabid animals. ...

The only thing they have in common is accusing President Donald Trump of racism, and their hatred for his administration.

Guess I’m a racist, too, as I would kick all four individuals of “the Squad” out of Congress for their views/actions.

I don’t care what color they are. Their attitude/actions are not acceptable.

Any comment/action a Republican makes is construed as racist. Racism flows both ways folks, not just actions of a white person against a person of color.

And then there is the perception that all Trump does is spread hate.

Hmmm, I guess the Mike Luckovich political cartoon garbage, late night TV goons and celebrities’ comments/actions against the Trump administration are all to spread love. Russian involvement in the 2016 election: The media announcing weeks before the election that Hillary Clinton was going to win wasn’t meddling in the media’s opinion, I guess.

The only thing the Democrats have done in the past three years is launch more investigations. Doing the job they were elected for has become secondary to continuing to fuss over alleged Russian involvement.

This is not the country our servicemen and women have fought and are fighting for —and it’s a shame.

Conflict with each other is the wave everyone seems to want to ride.

Gone is common decency, respect and morality, and that applies to both political parties.

Wayne Vantrease


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