Get rid of this jackass

Anyone who regularly reads these pages knows that Marty Trillhaase has always had great contempt for peaceable citizens who carry firearms for self-defense, defense of family and other lawful purposes. However, few would expect even him to express that contempt by mocking victims and survivors of a mass shooting for not being “good men with guns.”

Trillhaase, pretending to be an expert on firearms and armed responses to terrorist attacks, went on to explain why those victims and survivors were too stupid, incompetent and cowardly to stop the attack even if they would have had guns.

He isn’t alone, of course. Journalists across the United States have been expressing their contempt for gun owners this week. But even in that group of vile people, few have gone so low as Trillhaase.

It’s time for the Lewiston Tribune to get rid of that jackass.

The people of Idaho deserve better.

Don Fleming


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