Paid the price

Regarding the July 14 letter, “Double Standard” by Kyle Johnson: He says that there is much sympathy for people who perform their non-Christian religions, but only hatred for those who display Christianity.

He gives the example of a Christian football coach who “prays mid-field with some of his players.” As someone who played high school football, I remember on our team that there was such filthy “locker room talk” by some players, and much laughing and giggling by the rest of the team, while the coach looked the other way. Kyle, I’m sure you would agree that this kind of coach who would lead his team in public “Christian” prayer is nothing but a rank hypocrite.

Then Johnson gives the example of the hatred directed toward “a Christian mother and her daughter” who “engage in silent, peaceful and worshipful prayer outside an abortion clinic.” But if the pair is engaged in “silent” prayer, how are the non-Christian to know that they are in prayer and therefore how can they hate them?

Of course, if they are shouting and waving signs around, and preventing people from entering or leaving the facility, that would kindle the disgust of unbelievers.

Then Johnson mentions “the truth of the gospel message of Jesus Christ and his crucifixion.”

Yes Kyle, Jesus died on the cross to pay the eternal, everlasting penalty for your self-righteousness and prejudicial ignorance.

Jim Holsinger


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